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As Leicester City draw nearer to a monumental achievement of being crowned champions of England, it got me thinking of whether the holy grail of winning a house deposit with one bet is achievable.

Many of us would have taken a punt on a ridiculous 3,000+-1 acca at some point in our gambling careers, a handful may have won it but the majority would have lost. That's fine as the outlay is probably £1 or £2 max. Only when it is your club and you bet with your heart rather than head can you consider putting on £10, £20 or £50 on a 5,000-1 shot. Maybe it is on your first born to play for England or a horse with 3 legs but a sentimental name to win the gold cup, the question is, how do you find that sort of value with your head? 

Published 1st May @ 09:39