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About Management Corp. Free Picks

Bit about us, we are independent group of sports enthusiasts that love taking money from the bookies.  Be aware that not all our tips will be published on this page as some of the markets that we use aren't found on the site.  You can find us on Twitter or follow us on Facebook @ Management Corp.  Standard roll for anyone who would choose to follow us would be 100-150 units of bets.  We calculate our units at the beginning of the day, enough chit chat let's get smashing gl all.

1 stake point = 1 unit bet

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Our Staking Plan

Welcome our regular tip backers from Twitter or if your just looking if we can turn you profit, just give us a week or so and we shall show ya what we can do.  We have been investing in the sports industry for the past 6 months so we are fairly new to the game.  We are keen on diversity in the sports and backing some of odd bets that might not be the regular Win/Lose/Draw market.  Don't panic tho if you don't understand what the bet might entitle as you can ask as many questions of us as you want :)

We are a transparent investment company and will always show our profit and loses and thanks to this great site, don't have to track it all ourselves anymore.  Hope you all enjoy the journey with us and let's smash up the bookies.

Staking plan:
1 point is 1% of our roll, max stake will be 10% but that will be very rare.  Most common stake for us is 3% and 1% for long shots.  The % per point is set from the begining of the month, so if the roll is £100 then each 1 point will be £1 per point until the month finishes.  Hope this is clear enough for everyone, any further question just contact us and we will be happy to help.

19th June 2016 @ 21:02

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We're still calculating data for this tipster