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About MikeRileyBets

My name's Michael and I've been gambling for a while. I have a lot of experience in football betting, and if I had to pick what I specialise in I would say European club football and goal bets (BTTS, win to nil etc). I'm here for the long term, so if you start following me then you can expect to be here for a while. I won't give up, for any reason whatsoever. 

When you follow me you can expect:

  1. Quality, researched tips that I back myself.
  2. Good odds, I will NEVER tip a 1.10 (1/10) bet.
  3. Consistent profit.
  4. Reasons behind most of my tips.
  5. A genuine, down to earth tipster who cares and will never post a stupid tip. I will NEVER tip Coventry to beat Bayern.

All for free.

I will always be available for contact on Twitter at:



Yours Sincerely, Mr Michael Riley.

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I've been on here for 2 weeks.

So, I've been tipping on here for 2 weeks as of now, and as of when I type this I'm currently 40.33 units in profit from 35 bets. That means if you'd backed all my tips, and each unit was worth £1 to you you'd be £40.33 up right now. That's £40.33 you never had before you followed my tips. Hell, if you're a #baller and every unit was worth £5 to you you'd be a tidy £201.65 up. That's if you follow the unit stakes out of 10 as I enter them on here of course. That's more then my fortnightly wages from work. Wow, I could quit my job and just bet and I'd be better off... Anyway I'm going off on one now. I just felt like doing a mini analysis.

Well, here's to more successful tips. Live long and prosper fellas, peace.

Yours sincerely, Mr Michael Riley.


3rd August 2016 @ 22:48

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