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Results Summary

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I've been on here for 2 weeks.

So, I've been tipping on here for 2 weeks as of now, and as of when I type this I'm currently 40.33 units in profit from 35 bets. That means if you'd backed all my tips, and each unit was worth £1 to you you'd be £40.33 up right now. That's £40.33 you never had before you followed my tips. Hell, if you're a #baller and every unit was worth £5 to you you'd be a tidy £201.65 up. That's if you follow the unit stakes out of 10 as I enter them on here of course. That's more then my fortnightly wages from work. Wow, I could quit my job and just bet and I'd be better off... Anyway I'm going off on one now. I just felt like doing a mini analysis.

Well, here's to more successful tips. Live long and prosper fellas, peace.

Yours sincerely, Mr Michael Riley.


Published 3rd August @ 22:48