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Staking Plan/Points

Having a well thought through Staking plan and the discipline to stick to it is vital for long term profits in betting. Never chase a loss by lumping or you will very quickly find your betting bank dissappear..

Preparing your Betting bank

1. Set aside your initial betting bank, this could be £100, £250, £500 or whatever you are comfortable with. Keep this money separate from your everyday finances.

2. Divide this betting bank by 100, and your result is equal to 1 point e.g. If you start off with a £500 betting bank - £500/100 = £5

In this example 1 point = £5. It is important that you have 100 points to protect yourself against poor results


You will notice that my recommended stakes vary from 1 to 10. Most of my tips will range from 1 to 6 points depending on my confidence in the tip, I will very rarely post a 10 point tip. If I post a tip with stakes 4/10 that means 4 X £5 = £20 (Using the points above base on a £500 betting bank).

As mentioned above - ALWAYS STICK TO THE RECOMMENDED STAKES and we should make some steady profit.

Growing your Betting Bank

To increase the rate at which you grow your bank, I recommend that you review your bank at the end of each month and recalculate the value of 1 point:


You start off with a betting bank of £500 and have a average growth of 20 point a month

Month 1 - £500 (1pt =£5) + 20 points = £600

Month 2 - £600 (1pt =£6) + 20 points =£720

Month 3 - £720 (1pt = £7.20) + 20 points = £864

You get the idea! An average monthly growth of 20 points would grow the initial starting bank by £2000 in 12 months. At that point you would be at £20 per point. The effectiveness of using this compound method is amazing.

Note: Once you move up a level, you NEVER drop back down i.e. If you have grown from £5 to £15 a point, you dont drop back down after a couple of losses.

Lets make some profit!!

3rd December 2016 @ 22:15

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We're still calculating data for this tipster