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INDIANS ready for crucial week

Indians are ready for crucial week for postseason placement going with Raiders and then THE duel vs RANGERS in THE weekend

The great trend of 8-11 wins give THE prospecitve to be in form phisically and with great Confidence

The choice of Carlos Carrasco is a good choice .......expecting his presence vs RANGERS too.......first of all to find continuity in his performance

He has been extraordinary for THE season on the road and on the road he has been called to give THE first win vs a team, THE Raiders, arte looking for THE next season with a lot of changes

Indians have THE great possibility to reach THE leadership of THE league just for struggling period of THE RANGERS 

Carrasco has THE best ERA of THE last years, he is a INDIANS MAN for excellence, he is a pitcher to avoid on the road

ALL IN for Carrasco this evening


Published 22nd August @ 09:27