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nieder logonieder added a post

Now yes

Finally, my strategy does make sense, those of you who have followed me for a long time knew that I have been looking for the goal of having a high yield for a long time, so I hope you continue to enjoy my free service, do not worry so much about how long it will be free (there is still a lot of free service), I know that I have been sending tips for free for more than a year, but I also know that there were bad months, therefore until next season I will not do premimun service, nor at the beginning of most of the European leagues, If everything goes well as up to now, it will not be paid until December, therefore you still have more than half a year left for free to enjoy my service, the prices will be for all audiences, that is, nothing prohibitive, which will be in line with my evolution.

Welcome to the new followers and enjoying my successes.

nieder logonieder added a post

Have you seen it right?

First of all, thank you to my loyal fans who have been there with me from day one.

Your wait has been rewarded. What did I mean by the title of this publication? Well that, in bets as you know there is ONLY one way, A or B, when one raises a tip, the odds of the chosen team must go down, that's what I mean, and how you can check THAT is what is happening and what WILL HAPPEN all the time, that is, the mistakes are over with respect to changing my bet after a few seconds (that was not serious), I apologize and if everything goes well (now I have found the way), you will have this season finale for free and beginning of the next one (about 4 more months free receiving FREE tips), above all it is the reward to you for so much loyalty, and of course welcome to new users, I hope you take advantage of my good path from today after so many years study, thanks really.

nieder logonieder added a post

Good News (One more month free tips)

As I had told you, I was going to put the premium service in February, but in view of the bad ones I have decided to extend the free period of sending tips for one more month, because now you will also see that I send fewer tips for a simple reason, they are a lot of bets more studied and therefore much more valuable, enjoy a better selection and thank you for following me.

nieder logonieder added a post

Advantages that you will have at your disposal in the premium service.

You will have tips every day, but better selected, that does not mean that there are many less, but hockey and basketball which are clearly the sports that I dominate the most.

All tips will be valuable, so you must be attentive to your e-mails, or in your own mail, go to configuration to notify you of the arrival of the e-mails and you can cover the bet with the corresponding odds.

There are 12 days left of free tip shipping, including this weekend, so that newcomers can check the effectiveness of the service.

There will be very cheap prices, so I recommend that you try to be the first to register, because you will also be the first to get the suggested odds and that they do not lose value, or at least, as little as possible.

Keep enjoying getting free tips until February 31st, greetings and thanks for following me.

nieder logonieder added a post

Hockey tips today and...

In January you will have all kinds of tips, especially Hockey and Football, I wish you a happy new year :)

nieder logonieder added a post

Ice hockey

Maybe I'll post some ice hockey tip today as I see that the results have been optimal.