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910.9 Last 6 months

About Oddschicken

I am passionate about betting since I was young, now I have had more than 8 years of betting experience. I used to cooperate with some prestigious football pages. Now I want to bring my experience to you to win together. Come to me to feel the difference and have a regular source of income from regular betting. Let me do your work and bring your money back.

The best indicator of betting lines movement and dropping odds. It'll be the highest odds in the world! 

Just 19€ for a month. Small Price - Big Wins for YOU! Picks are posted with same odds which i have when I place them. Contact: shopaothuat@hotmail.com

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Blog Posts

Hurricane # 12 causes severe damage!

Hello all my members!
The two weeks Hurricane # 12 causes severe damage and it has caused a lot of pain!
Houses collapsed, lost power ... we are actively overcome the consequences after the storm.
I will continue to post predictions and post comments on next week's matches.
Thank you all for supporting me!

10th November 2017 @ 01:08

Big won: 2 Accumulator odds 3.83 and 3.45 (31/10/2017)

Big won 31/10/2017: Totals odds 7.28

Accumulator 1: 3.83

Accumulator 2: 3.45

31st October 2017 @ 22:46

Continue won Accumulator odds: 4.11 (30/10/2017)

Continue won Accumulator odds: 4.11 (30/10/2017).

Flow me ... it's for free!


30th October 2017 @ 23:07

DONT LUCKY ... Accumulator ODDS: 263.35 (29/10) LOSE BY 2 MATCH.

DONT LUCKY ... Accumulator ODDS: 263.35 (29/10) LOSE BY 2 MATCH.

Accumulator : 263.35 odds


30th October 2017 @ 01:23

Free All My predictions two days: Saturday and Sunday - (28-29/10/2017)

Open all my predictions free of charge for two days: Saturday and Sunday.
Follow me to receive the earliest notice.
I would do a Accumulator with the highest winning ratio and the highest odd possible.

26th October 2017 @ 01:38

2 Accumulator won continuously for 2 days with great profit. (odds: 27.91 and 2.65)

2 Accumulator  won continuously for 2 days with great profit. (odds: 27 and 2.8).

Check: Accumulator 1 odds: 2.65 and Accumulator 2 : odds: 27.91

23rd October 2017 @ 02:05

Do not worry when we lose a few games or a few bad days.

Do not worry when we lose a few games or a few bad days.
This is the system I tested on thousands of games.
It gives good and stable returns.

((23/10/2017).- I have been continue won Accumulator with high odd: 2.75)


23rd October 2017 @ 02:01

i won Accumulator (22/10/2017) with odd: >>27

i have make a Accumulator (22/10/2017) it free for all people.

hit odd >>27.0 and it won.

Big won...!

22nd October 2017 @ 22:35

Yesterday Accumulator (21/10/2017) LOSE by Dundee United!

Yesterday (21/10/2017) i have make a  Accumulator  for high odd over 12.0

But dont lucky.

it's LOSE by Dundee United!

22nd October 2017 @ 01:06

*NOTE: When they go high, we go high!

*NOTE: When they go high, we go high!
Again, you should always look for higher odds that ensure a larger margin of profit. This is one of the keys to long term profit. 
The odds do not necessarily follow the real power of the teams, they reflect the total amount bet on one or the other team. So we’ll have a lot of underestimated and ineffective low odds but also a lot of overestimated and profitable high odds.
With average odds of 1.25 you need a minimum hit rate of 80% - which is quite close to maximum possible so the margin of profit will be very small. It is hard to go over 90% so, if you win, the best possible scenario would be only 10% profit.
  with odds of 1.4 you need 72% hit rate
  with odds of 2   you need 50% hit rate
  with odds of 2.5 you need 40% hit rate
  with odds of 3   you need 33% hit rate
  and so on...

GO HIGH!  ;)

20th October 2017 @ 04:47


This post is for premium users only. Please purchase a membership to read.

5th October 2017 @ 02:06



Read More .... In PREMIUM

5th October 2017 @ 02:01

Make money with me ... with Long time profit

There are always going to be ups and downs but at the end of the year, I always find a way to finish with a plus. And that is the most important thing., One day or month is just a short period, and I do not give too much attention to these results, but at the end of a longer period, a plus will always come sooner or later.

4th October 2017 @ 02:08

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  • Profit: 910.9
  • Tips: 775
  • Win: 45%
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