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Why should you choose On The Double for your betting tips?

Each day I select 5-10 each way doubles across the days horse racing meetings. As you can imagine getting a winning double is much harder than a winning single, but the rewards are greater.

Because we are betting each way on the doubles, the winning place part of the bets keep the bank balance ticking along until the big wins come.

All bets will be sent out by 7am, so please try to use a best odds guaranteed bookmaker, as odds can change drastically ( both ways ! ) by race time.

Some of the winning bets recently include-

12/01/22 5ew stake

Capricorn Prince 7.00 WON

Liva 11.00 WON

Double Odds 77.00 - Return 413.50

10/01/22 5ew stake

Mullenburg 8.50 WON

Khan 4.33 WON

Double Odds 36.80 - Return 194.85

02/01/22 5ew stake

Paddys Planet 4.00 WON

Impulsive Dancer 10.00 WON

Double Odds 40.00 - Return 214.50

30/12/22 5ew stake

Lincoln Gamble 4.33 WON

Trevolli 5.00 WON

Double Odds 21.65 - Return 88.27

30/12/22 5ew stake

New Force 5.50 WON

Billy Roberts 5.00 WON

Double Odds 27.50 - Return 144.60

12/12/22 5ew stake

Abuffalosoldier 5.50 WON

Brianna Rose 5.50 WON

Double Odds 30.25 - Return 159.30

05/12/22 5ew stake

Lord Sparky 7.00 WON

Grand Voyage 5.50 WON

Double Odds - 38.50 Return 189.38 ( rule 4 deduction )

04/12/22 5ew stake

Lost Gold 5.50 WON

Muscika 7.00 WON

Double Odds 38.50 - Return 206.25

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