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About One A Day


This link is to all my previous bets and results. It includes my full staking (which I can't seem to do on here) This is a full, more realistic view of what I have done in recent month's, and hope to continue to do in the future.


I started giving out tips on Twitter around Christmas 2015, usually just one select tip per day.

More recently I've expanded and some days there can be 3-4 tips, but I am very much selective about where my money goes.

Although December had only a few days left, I have produced profit in December, January,February, and as of today (19th) March is looking like the best month so far.

I mainly tip football, singles, with occasional doubles, but I also dabble in Basketball and ocasionally Tennis.

All my previous tips and results can be found on my Twitter feed, where I endeavour to get all tips up 24 hours before the event starts. 





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Just to let my followers know, I'm on holiday now, and won't return until the start of Euro 16, on June 10.

I hope you'll stay aboard as I aim to make June the 7th consecutive winning month.

26th May 2016 @ 17:37