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About One to Jump

This service will just concentrate on NH racing in the Uk & Ireland.

Advised Betting Bank


Staking Plan

My staking plan will be either 2pts win or 1pt each way but there will be win and each way doubles on the days where I fancy more than one horse(As of 26/02/2017 I have changed the staking plan on here to £1 a point  and will be tipping up as either 10 point win or 5pt e/w on each way selections). You should really be betting to £10 a point starting out.Every time our betting bank doubles in size we will double the size of our stake.For example when our betting bank increases to £2000 from an inital £1000 my one point bet will go from £10 a point to £20 a point. When the bank increases to £4000 from £2000, a one point bet would equal £40 a point. If you went on a bad run and the bank went down to £2000 again, you would drop back to £20 a point again until you have got back up to £4000.  The size of the bank is only an example as some people will start out with smaller banks but it was just used to explain.

I will also be posting free tips on my other account here . These could be tips that are either too short a price to put on this account or horses who I might have slight question marks about. I like to only put up tips on this account of horses who I am confident enough that they should run their race. I no longer post any tips to the free account on here, as did not feel right putting up horses that I was not confident about.

Tips sent out between 10am-10:15am every day.

You can follow me on Twitter  and Facebook


All 2pt win singles calculated to £20 win on win bets and 1pt e/w  £10 e/w on each way bets

Win doubles calculated to £10 win. E/W doubles calculated to £10 e/w

August 2016 +25.5pts(+£255) +28.75pts BOG (+£287.50) betting to £10 a point

September 2016 +54.91pts(+£549.15) +64.18pts BOG(+£641.80) betting to £10 a point

October 2016 +27.11(+£271.12) +29.84pts BOG(+£298.45) betting to £10 a point

November 2016 -23.96pts (-£239.60) -21.81ptsBOG (-£218.10) betting to £10 a point

December 2016 -18.89pts (-£189.90) -9.89pts BOG (-£98.90) betting to £10 a point

2016 +64.67pts (+£646.70) +91.07pts BOG  +(£+910.70) betting to £10 a point

January 2017 -30.62pts(-£306.20) -24.97pts BOG (-£ -249.70) betting to £10 a point

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Blog Posts

Yearly update -2016

Selections: 224

Winners: 47


Losers: 155

Profit/Loss: +64.67pts

BOG P/L: +91.07pts


Aplogies for the lateness in updating this as I have just not been able to find the time to update things.

While we finished out the year with two losing months we were well in profit in our previous three months and that saw us well in profit over the course of the year as I only started tipping on this platform in the middle of August. The aim of this game is always long term profit and you will have plenty of months where things go against you and it does affect you over time but the thing is not to change a startegy that has worked for a number of years as big profits will return again. That is why you need a proper betting bank put aside and to follow the staking plan that is advised. You may make big profits when things are going well by adjusting your staking plan but when things are not going well you can incur very heavy losses when you start adjusting and trying to chase losses. I try to be as honest as I can be when sending out my emails and it really does hurt when you go through long spells where nothing is going right but my aim is always to find winners and make my clients money. I have been in profit every year at the end of the year for over ten years now and one or two losing months are not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things for me personally but it might be for you if you are after a quick way to make money . The main point with this is having a decent enough sized bank to begin with to cover losing runs and as mentioned, sticking to the staking plan religiously. This is the main problem for most punters,being disciplined and sticking to a strict staking plan. All in all it was a good year profit wise and while the first month of 2017 has been a losing month too, I expect profits to improve again as the next three months have always been good months for me over a good number of years. Just want to say thank you to all the people who followed my service over the last few months and I hope to be able to win ye back when profits pick up again as no one could blame anyone for not resigning with a service that they were unfortunate to sign up for during a losing spell.

31st January 2017 @ 15:02

Monthly Update - December

Selections: 55




Profit/Loss: -18.89

BOG P/L: -9.89

ROI : -17.33&

ROI @ BOG: -9.07%

A spreadsheet of my selections for the month can be viewed here.

We had plenty of winners in the month of December but I think the main problem was that the vast majority of the winners in the month were under 4/1.You really need a much more consistent strike rate when tipping up winners at them prices to finish the month in profit. Our highlights for the month were Call to Order and Knockraha Pylon both winning at 11/2. I think the biggest contributor to a poor month was our Christmas period which was poor but we had four seconds and one winner from eleven selections over this period. It really does make a huge difference if you are able to still bet to BOG as our loss over the month was only half the loss we suffered if we were not betting to BOG. It was another poor enough month for us all the same.

31st January 2017 @ 14:06

Cheltenham - Antepost

This post is for premium users only. Please purchase a membership to read.

21st January 2017 @ 13:49

Monthly Update - November

Selections: 56




Profit/Loss: -23.96pts

BOG P/L: -21.81pts

ROI : -21.98%

ROI @ BOG: -20%

A spreadsheet of my selections for the month can be viewed here.

There is no getting away from the fact that November was an extremely poor month for us and my worst since arriving on the tipster platform. It was our first losing month from the last four on the tipster platform.We took a loss of -23.96pts for the month which takes a slight decrease to -21.81pts if calculating to BOG. We had one real highlight of the month where two of our three selections on the day won at odds of 8/1 and 5/1 but highlights for this month were few and far between. Other highlights of the month were the winner of the Greatwood hurdle at 7/1 and the winner of the Hennessy at 6/1. I was trying to find some sort of explanation for our poor run and the real problem for the month was a lot of our bigger priced selections getting placed and all you need is one or two of them to go in and the whole month has a completely different complexion. There were also a few of our selections who ran absolute stinkers too and I will hold my hand up and say that a few of them were probably risky enough selections in hindsight. A few of them also just ran no sort of race for one reason or another  and I just had the misfortune of putting them up. My aim is to always make money for my clients and it hurts when you go through a run of form like I did for a good share of the month as I don't like losing anyone money.

We look like we have finally got over that blip as my selections have been running much more truer to form over the last three or four days. I am hoping for a big month this month as I aim to make all of last months losses back and add to that too. I just want to take the time to say thank you to the people who have subscribed to my service and hope we can make big profits to have a good Christmas.

1st December 2016 @ 16:54

Monthly Update - October

Selections: 50

Winners 11



Profit/Loss: 27.11

BOG P/L: 29.84

ROI : 28.24%

ROI @ BOG: 31.08%

A spreadsheet of my selections for the month can be viewed here.

Another solid month for subscribers to my service with 27.11pts of profit which increases to 29.84pts if betting with a BOG firm. The first half of the month was tough but that was to be expected with so many horses making their seasonal returns. It was an error on my part early in the month as I probably did end up putting up a few who were in need of the run. I did change tactic around the middle of the month and avoided nearly all horses making seasonal returns and it paid off as the winners started going in again.

We had some really nice winners this month and the highlights were Daliance(Advised @ 9/1,Midnight Sapphire and Space Ship(Both Advised at 8/1). We had a number of other winners at 5/1+ and it was just a solid enough October, as it is always a tough month with so many horses making seasonal returns.

We have some really good meetings over the next month with the Betvictor Gold Cup on Saturday week the highlight  of the month, along with the Hennessy at the end of the month. I expect our profits to be better in November as most horses will have runs under their belts and it at least starts to remove the guesswork on how fit they are.

I also want to take the time to thank those who have subscribed to my service and also those who have resubscribed. As always any questions just contact me on Twitter or Facebook and I will try to answer any queries you may have.

1st November 2016 @ 13:54

Monthly Update - September

Selections: 46

Winners 12



Profit/Loss: 54.91pts

BOG P/L: 64.18

ROI : 61.02%

ROI @ BOG: 71.32%

A spreadsheet of our selections for the month can be viewed here

It was really an excellent month for subscribers with a huge 54.91pts(£549.15 betting to £10 a point) of profit that increased to 64.18pts(£641.80 betting to £10 a point) if betting with firms that offer BOG. That is two months on the bounce in profit and we have not even started the NH season proper yet. Some of our winning highlights of the month have been Jack the Wire winning at Listowel, advised at 10/1 and returning 11/2. Winter Walk advised at 9/2 but winning despite a big drift out to 8/1. Our best day came on Saturday 24th when we advised Hassle at 12/1 and Vintage Vinnie at 5/1 who both went in. We finished off the month with another well backed winner in the shape of Australasia who was put up at 9/1 and returned 7/2. We also had more winners at decent odds as well as some big priced placed selections. Cradle Mountain was second advised at 25/1, Memories of Milan was advised at 22/1 but returned 8/1 and finished third.

All in all it has been a solid month and I expect us to continue in the same trend in to next month and beyond.

1st October 2016 @ 17:00

Monthly Update - August

Selections: 17

Winners 6:



Profit/Loss: +25.5pts

BOG P/L: +28.75pts

ROI : 86.20%

ROI @ BOG: 92.74%

You can view a spreadsheet of our selections for the month here

We have had a very good opening month on the tipstrr platform with a profit of 25pts and that would increase to 27pts if betting with a BOG bookmaker as one of her winning selections returned a point bigger. As advised on my account page, I do advise betting to £10 a point minimum and your maximum bet would never exceed £20 following my service. Betting to the advised stakes would have seen your betting bank double in size this month.

We could not have started off the month in better fashion with our first three bets all going in for 24.5pts of profit, That was helped by a lovely 13.50 double. We also had winners at 6.0(SP 7.0), 5.0(X2), 3.0 and 2.50.

We had a few of our selections running below form but we have taken notes on those races and from plenty of other races to add to our notebook for future reference.

We will soon be heading in to the NH season proper and that is always my favourite time of the year. Hopefully we can continue our profit in to next month and beyond.

Added 26th Septmber

Since I wrote the blog I have made some modifications to my spreadsheets. I have added two new columns where I have the calculations for non BOG too. Seeing as people will get their accounts restricted following my service and will only have the exchanges to bet on, it is only right that these are included in my spreadsheets. I was under the impression that they were calculating to BOG on here as one of my winners in September was and that appears to be an entry error on the site. I want my service to be as professional as possible so if anyone spots any errors on the site or in my spreadsheet calculations let me know on my facebook account or twitter and I will have them corrected as soon as possible. 

31st August 2016 @ 15:39

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