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Results Summary

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Monthly Update - August

Selections: 17

Winners 6:



Profit/Loss: +25.5pts

BOG P/L: +28.75pts

ROI : 86.20%

ROI @ BOG: 92.74%

You can view a spreadsheet of our selections for the month here

We have had a very good opening month on the tipstrr platform with a profit of 25pts and that would increase to 27pts if betting with a BOG bookmaker as one of her winning selections returned a point bigger. As advised on my account page, I do advise betting to £10 a point minimum and your maximum bet would never exceed £20 following my service. Betting to the advised stakes would have seen your betting bank double in size this month.

We could not have started off the month in better fashion with our first three bets all going in for 24.5pts of profit, That was helped by a lovely 13.50 double. We also had winners at 6.0(SP 7.0), 5.0(X2), 3.0 and 2.50.

We had a few of our selections running below form but we have taken notes on those races and from plenty of other races to add to our notebook for future reference.

We will soon be heading in to the NH season proper and that is always my favourite time of the year. Hopefully we can continue our profit in to next month and beyond.

Added 26th Septmber

Since I wrote the blog I have made some modifications to my spreadsheets. I have added two new columns where I have the calculations for non BOG too. Seeing as people will get their accounts restricted following my service and will only have the exchanges to bet on, it is only right that these are included in my spreadsheets. I was under the impression that they were calculating to BOG on here as one of my winners in September was and that appears to be an entry error on the site. I want my service to be as professional as possible so if anyone spots any errors on the site or in my spreadsheet calculations let me know on my facebook account or twitter and I will have them corrected as soon as possible. 

Published 31st August @ 15:39