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About Panther Tips

I have been a professional football tipster for 3.5 years and am now using Tipstrr as a way of verifying my results for all my followers on a first class website.

I specialise in many markets across various bookmakers and in various leagues. I am born and raised in Scotland so my main knowledge and leagues are Scotland and England. But over my years of researching I have became established in other top league such as Spain, France, Germany and Italy. I am always on the look out for value and all of my tips are 1.50 or greater.

Most of the tips I provide are singles, doubles and occaisionally trebles. I very rarely to accumulators or as I call them #BigCatAccas due to the higher level of risk involved. These will be rare and will be low stakes. Singles and Doubles are where most of my success will derive.

I have detailed write ups provided with most of my tips to explain my reasoning behind my tip(s) based on the research I have done.

I am also available on twitter and by email and am on hand for any customer service you require. My aim is quality over quantity to provide long term profit. There are no millionaires with me, just here to defeat the bookmakers as best we can and provide steady profit for whatever luxuries you want in your life.

Join the journey with The Big Cat and let's be winners!

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Value. Research. Quality

In the lead up to my relaunch I thought I would give everyone some further insight into what is on offer from me at Panther Tips. The clue is in the title where I have 3 key components that will make my page work for all you guys out there looking for long term profit.


Whenever I am researching I am constantly searching the bookmakers for odds on offer. I am not a believer in looking at odds after research as there is nothing worse than studying two teams for let's say 20-30 minutes and picking something you think will be a winner to then go to the bookie who tells you it's odds of 1.20 (1/5). I study games and read the odds in conjunction to maximise time studying as it makes a lot of bets easier to rule out at first glance.

Most of my tips will be in and around evens. This will mainly consist of singles and doubles. I will add the odd treble or combine singles and doubles or even throw in the odd acca but beware of the stake I apply as that is also a big part of the success and longevity of the profit. This is no quick fix, this is purely about earning and winning day in day out week in week out. It is all closely calculated and stake awareness is vital. My stakes show my confidence and this is key to your own success. You must stick with me in terms of your own finances in order to achieve profit.



My research is what provides my strengths in this business. I pride myself on the hours I put in studying each details of matches. If you follow me there will be no inplay tips, no Under 21 Outer Mongolia late winners or some team in Taiwan with 8 players and 100 shots on goal who are crying out for a win. No offence to Taiwan, Under 21's or Outer Mongolia but for me all that crap is just guesswork. Most of the times the bookies like bet365 make up these digits and I've learnt that over time.

I target my home. I am from Scotland so UK football is my bread and butter. I study all four Scottish leagues and all four English leagues and I do my work day in day out. Given the fact that in those 8 leagues combined we have a total of over 100 teams this gives ample time and money making options for myself to get stuck into. Majority of my tips will be on UK football. I have however broadened my research overseas and will regular tip on the main premier leagues of France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain. In each league their are certain values in each league which you will see once you sign up.

One of my key priorities will be to deliver a detailed write up with all my tips so you can all see why you are paying for the service. You can all see the work that goes in and why I make my decisions.



Lastly my tips are all about quality. I have seen so many tipsters time and time again who posts anything from 10 to even 20 or 30 tips every day. Not being funny but if someone is able to deliver 30 tips in one day they must be staking buttons, be a millionaire or not even backing their tips!

Another worry is also they might not be researching and using a mixture of price with guesswork to create a winner which takes a ridiculous amount of luck. And we are not here to have you pay for luck.

With myself you want see lots of tips. Normally anything between 1 to 5 a day and most busy days will be Saturday's when their are naturally more games on. But as I mentioned earlier it's also about value and research and I believe with the two delivers quality.


I have done this opening blog post to provide further insight into what I am offering. If you know me and have followed me you know what your are getting but I still feel it is important to show the service so no one is jumping in blind. If you have any questions you can contact me by email panthertips@live.co.uk or twitter @PantherTips

1st August 2016 @ 20:18

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