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About Plaza's Premier Predictions

I have seen over the last 2 yrs or so an influx of potential Tipsters. Let's be honest here, it's so easy to do with great sites offering anybody and everybody a real go at becoming a Tipster.

But I have also seen many a Tipster claiming to be the best thing since sliced bread. When in reality, they couldn't care less if the Tip bombed or not. That's because, there so wrapped up in there affiliate marketing and how to get more punters to spend there hard earned cash through there links anyway they can. They don't care if the Tips goes south or not.

So how do they do this?

They put up Tips with the shortest prices and tell you, this Treble has won over the last 6 weeks x amount of times and punters believe it and pile on. But because there very short prices, they often do win. But to the more experienced punters, getting a return on a treble that didn't even reach odds against, know the punters are being taken in. 

So hopefully, I'm here to change all that, by making people aware of these so called Tipsters. 

With my tips, you will learn very quickly I look for value and you will NEVER see a Odds On Tip being given in any Double, Treble or Accumulator.

I do however run a couple of 'Challenge' Bets. Let me explain, many moons ago during my Poker playing days I started a Challenge. That Challenge was to turn a zero Bankroll into $10,000 using strict Bankroll Mangement. Only ever increasing my Buy In Level when I was Properly Bankrolled. I completed the Challenge over 4 yrs later. I say 4 yrs because health issues held me back, but through persistence and determination I completed it. So I've tried to incorporate a couple of Challenges into my Tipping service.

The first Challenge is called Plaza's £10,000 Football Challenge and is very similar to my Poker Challenge. I started with £10 and when I found the right opportunity I would back whatever I decided. This Challenge could be any Price and it has been. I've backed 1.20 prices and I've backed odds against Prices. If I thought it was good value I backed it. The challenge is about patience and Money Management.

Any Balance up to £100 I had to risk it all in one Bet. After £100, I can Stake anything I want but MUST be minimum 50% or more of my Balance before the bet. The reason is, to reach my £10,000 target I know I will lose some bets along the way and I have. But because I want to reach my target and if I lose it all I have to restart, it teaches you NOT to stake everything, even though I can. I know if I do lose, I am likely only to lose 50%.

Upto 25th December 12pm 2016 I am on Bet 17.3

17 is the number of continuous bets in the sequence without going broke. 

.3 is the number of times the Bet lost, but I didn't go broke.

The second Challenge is called One Team One Goal. Pretty easy to follow this one. Simply pick One Team To Score One or more Goals. This is a In Play Market dependant on stats whilst in play. It gets you into the habit of looking at In Play Stats looking for opportunities. Again, all these bets are normally Pretty short prices. 

Thus far again from the same date, I'm currently on Bet 10.0 with a balance of $86. This will also follow the same line if and when I reach $100. But there is no limit on this, so I can go past $10,000 if I have the Balls. I started this with just $5.

I will start a 3rd Challenge for members at the start of every month to run all month with any monies being collected at the end of the month. Details to be revealed in the Private Members Area.


The Main service is well researched, good value Football Tips. Nothing rushed. I will not put Tips up just for the sake of it. This means there will be days without Tips, but I'd rather do this than give out Duff Bets, along with Pathetic short odds on.

I suggest you don't sign up straight away, sit back and check my results. Nothing hidden here.

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