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In my betting career, I've started out from the local shops to becoming an odds compiler in one of the largest online bookmakers!  From that point, I learnt everything possible to understand how the bookmakers skew odds in a certain direction, to get the exposure they want - and they focus doing this on the largest leagues where the most money is placed - and where the most money can be made!

For example, I can tell you that all bookmakers skew odds against England - this is a fact, because all the money comes on England, due to favouritsm of them in big money markets, like UK and Asia.

Due to the contacts I have within the European and Asian markets, I know all the teams that are being backed heavily and therefore, where the bookmakers are allowing the smart ones - you and I - to make the money!  That's why you'll see here the major leagues getting bet on, beat, and taking some money away from the bookmakers in the places where it's notoriously hard to do so - in the biggest markets.

Following me essentially gives you an insider into the bookmaking markets, and that's where the money is.




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