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About QualiTips

Have been a punter for 6 years now.  First time I decided to create a tipping service. Will try to make money for all the subscribers. Rejected in the past some big offers to create a service but I don´t need more than my profits. I will try to provide the best product I can and hopefully you will make money. Just want a small group (max 100) to provide the best odds to get the most value from every game.  Quality over quantity and hopefully a high hit rate. 55-70% Highly studied games. Find value and bookmakers bad odds. Must follow a strick bankl management and you will be profitable and hopefully learn how to do it yourself. Everyone can live from betting. You just need to understand how, create a plan and strictly put it in place. Let´s go!!  

(started on tipstrr on th 25th of August - Free for a couple of days so you can check my kind of bets and odds pre-game)

3days -

64% hit

+70pts profit  




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