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Morning All,

Apologies there have been no tips for a while. Rambold will be back in the New Year.

in the meantime have a look at one of my other systems -


Its running at 42% strike rate & 66% ROI as off today, after 38 tips so far..

Thank you.

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Tipping Selections


One more tip to follow

It has been a frustrating month so for on these tips.

Yesterday I placed 4 Super Yankees – 2 of which i posted on here

1 of the other ones had 3 winners on it which worked out 239/1 treble but it wasn’t the one I posted on this site.

I cant post every bet I do – I have just recently posted the ones with the shortest odds.

For now I will probably post 2 a day.


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No Tips This Week


There will be no selections this week.

July has been awful so far, so a break is in order.

i am actually moving house this week.

Enjoy the lovely weather.

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Todays bet will be up about 1pm

there will probably be an evening bet too