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hello the disciption of my service firstly iwas called the king of 2y/old racingbacks and lays, i have over 10 years experiance with this method ,we start on 28th march it does take a week or two to get going but gains momentum after that it is a very exciting service and you need to be in at the start when we get to ascot and goodwood and all top meetings  there will be backs and lays the lays will be short priced max 3.00 liability we will cover night racing when there are chances for us to make profit over the years we have real good but you must be focust and disaplined to win and not  give it back to bookies or exchanges  , untill the 28th march i will cover the a/weather finals this week end PLEASE REMEMBER you cant win by guesswork you put the work in to get the rewards good luck saffron racing



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the saffron racing 2y/olds backs and lays

hi there i think i have covered what we intend to do this grass flat racing season ive been doing this for a long time only join me if you are in it to win nobody says its easy its not but if you put the effort in we will have some good holidays and be able to treat yourself wife girlfriend ,iwill update this blog regular so keep checking iwill have a few happy surprises so keep on checking please thanks saffron racing

23rd March 2016 @ 13:47

saffron racing

we will get under way on friday with selections for the finals of the all weather season ,then our main objective the 2 y/olds backs and lays iwill keep you in touch

on how we proceed get ready saffron racing

23rd March 2016 @ 13:39