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Football Tennis

Results Summary

Period: Sport:
  • ROI: 18.79%
  • Profit: 150.9
  • Tips: 81
  • Win: 48%
  • Average Odds: 3.50

Don't judge tipsters on short term form



Not a lot going for many tipsters ATM with lack of football and some shocking results across tennis too! Euro 2016 and Copa America should see a more profitable period which will hopefully be seen by the results! A lot of my loss came from backing 10/10 stakes on tennis players that didn't deliver despite being the better ranked player! Hard time of year to make profit but I'll turn it around in the long run! Also for people that don't follow me on Twitter I do a lot more in play bets that are winning so give us a follow on there @scotts_tips. As I say I'm new to this so don't have many followers so the more I can get the more bets I'll post and better I'll become! Thanks



Published 8th June @ 09:35