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The beginning

So as of today the 25th May 2016 I will begin to place my bets and post them here on tipstrr. I've began doing this as over the last couple of months I've began taking gambling alot more serious than before when it was the odd coupon at the weekend . I decided that my strategy was wrong and I was very rarely winning on the big accas I was putting on every Saturday so I began betting on singles and doubles. In doing this I've found a huge success rate and now find myself winning a lot of money on a regular basis. I'm not going to tell people how much to bet as everyone is different however I will post my daily bets that I have on this site for people to follow if they wish. I personally use a staking plan for my bets and will always stick to this so I can hopefully continue to make steady profit . In terms of the tipstrr app I base 1 unit as 10 pounds. So if I stake say 3 units then this is 30 pounds. As I said this is my own preference but everyone has there own on what they can afford to loose. Good luck if you follow and if you find that you enjoy my tips and win from them please like and spread the word on twitter. Will keep updating page with new info and progress in the near future

Published 25th May @ 13:26