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Soccermaster has made £-546.50 profit in the last 3 months across 140 Football tips (roughly 11 tips per week), based on an average stake of £25 (10/10 units) giving an average monthly profit of £-180.80

What to expect


  1. Place single bets only.
  2. Use a fixed stake amount (e.g 5 pounds).
  3. Have a betting bank 20 times the fixed stake amount (e.g 100 pounds).
  4. Withdraw 50% of your profits every month.
  5. Increase your fixed stake amount by dividing your remaining balance by 20 (e.g 150/20 = 7.5 pounds)
  6. Be disciplined, patient, and dedicated to the plan.

I am a computer scientist and soccer fan, using my knowledge of mathematics and the game of soccer to generate valuable betting tips for my subscribers. I have developed an intricate system for selecting and staking on games to ensure profit over the long run.

I currently focus on the match odds (1X2), double chance, and over/under markets. It is my experience that these markets offer the most opportunity for value. Ideally, I post a minimum of twenty (10) tips per week; with a bulk of those coming over the weekend. I make a duty to post tips daily when they are available. In order to make the most profit from my tips; you're advised to play them as singles, not as multiples. Betting on multiples can lead to more losses and therefore lesser profits.

When it comes to staking; I recommend the constant stake system as it is quite simple to follow. You just decide on a fixed amount that would be staked on each tip irrespective of the odd. This amount would also determine your betting bank as I recommend your bank should be twenty times the fixed stake amount. So let's say you decided to stake 5 pounds on each tip; your betting bank would be 20 * 5 = 100 pounds. You would bet 5 pounds on each tip irrespective of the odd.

In order to preserve your profits and reduce the chances of you falling into the temptation to break out of the betting plan proposed. I recommend you withdraw fifty percent (50%) of your profit every month, add the remaining to the betting bank, and increase your fixed stake amount. For instance; if you make 100 pounds as profit by the end of the month - you'd withdraw 50 pounds and add 50 pounds to your betting bank; making it 150 pounds. Hence your fixed stake amount would become 150/20 = 7.5 pounds (you may round it down to 7 pounds). So henceforth you'd stake 7.5 pounds per tip irrespective of the odds. 

If you stick to the above plan you can expect your betting bank to grow by more than 200% percent by the year's end. However, everything hinges on your discipline, patience, and dedication.

Thank you and good luck!

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