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soccer prediction


Results Summary

Period: Sport:
  • ROI: 23.13%
  • Profit: 111.1
  • Picks: 48
  • Win: 56%
  • Average Odds: 1.96

About soccer prediction

free all month, 22 £ in november


The football market, if it isn't studied and known in a visceral way, can become a double edged sword. I analyze dozens of variables that directly affect the event, including the trend of the home team, the trend of the away team, referees, injured players, the coaches, the statements pre-match and so on. I take the data from different databases from 2010 till now Finally I use an algorithm of automation totally invented by me. Mainly you will see Value Bets. The major championships are balanced and guarantee a return on investment.

I'm a statistician and have worked in the world of gaming for more than seven years. I have got great results with different companies and on a personal level. Thanks to my algorithm. I don’t sell you my tips, I sell my algorithm and what it brings. Enjoy!Enjoy!


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