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Football Horse Racing

Results Summary

Period: Sport:
  • ROI: 11.07%
  • Profit: 729.3
  • Tips: 364
  • Win: 37%
  • Average Odds: 8.68

About Horse Racing & What Does Each Way Mean in Betting?

For years, Horse race betting has been a popular sport. Often, it has been referred to as a game of the elite. This stands true to a great extent, since betting in this case involved great amounts of money. On many occasions, people could be seen so fixated with the sport that they were ready to put at stake all their assets, to the last penny they owned. Yes, it was madness!

This sport is still played globally, and most of the bets are still placed by the high class elites. However, today we are more open to accepting this sport and the middle class too has grown fond of it. Many people wish to try their hands at this sport. So we thought we could offer little help to the beginners or those who are keen on knowing about this support.

Since the sport involves betting, it is important to know the bets you are allowed to place. So what are the types of bets and what does each way mean in betting? Here’s shedding light on some of the most common ways of placing a bet. They are:

Win only – Also referred to as straight out, this bet is only placed on a horse to win.

Place – This bet is placed on the position at which the horse will finish – 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. Those betting are allowed to makes bets on positions depending on the type of race and the number of runners. For instance, in case of less than 5 racers, bets are placed for the 1st position only; In case of 5 to 7 runners, for 1st and 2nd and when there are more than 8 runners, for the first three spots.

Eachway – In this case you place two bets, both ‘win only’ and ‘place’.

Double – In this case you place two bets in two different races. Both horses you have placed your bet on must win, in order for you to win. Even if one loses, you lose all your stakes.

Treble – Here you bet on three horses in three different races. To win that payout, you must all three horses must win.

Other accumulator bets can also be placed on 5, 6 or more horses. The condition remains the same, each horse you bet on must win.

Forecast –As the name suggest, this bet is about predicting. A ‘straight forecast’ allows you to foretell the top two winners, 1st and 2nd, in the correct order while a ‘reverse forecast’ is to guess the 1st and 2nd positions, in any order.

Yankees, patents and more – These are bets that are placed in combination, you bet on multiple horses to win in different races. The more the number of bets you place, the bigger will be the win money and bet the chances to win. Also, since there are multiple combinations of winner, chances are you will be paid even if one of your betting combinations wins.

Published 18th July @ 22:11