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Hi my name is Gary and I'm here to share my tips with you. I have been betting on sports mainly football for over 15 years however didn't really start taking it serious until about 12 months ago. Like everyone i would put on the 5-10 fold acca at the weekend dreaming off winning big when in reality the coupon was in the bin by half time 9 out of 10 weeks. So as I said about 12 months ago I started getting on singles double and inplay using a staking plan I read about on an online article I came across by chance one day. I started with a balance of £100 staking 1-5% per bet depending on how much I fancied it. Soon I watched my balance grow and after having a 18 bet win streak I seen my balance was very healthy. I've continued doing this for a few months and now I've decided I will start sharing my tips online and also logging them on this site so as I can keep track on trends and patterns of were I'm going wrong when that loosing streak comes or what I'm doing right when on a hot streak. My bets are free to follow and will be posted mostly every day around 9am. Not all bets win but will try my best to keep my strike rate as high as possible and help any followers win some money and get a healthy bank balance like I've got myself. Thanks for reading and good luck and please remember to only ever bet what you can afford.

Published 30th May @ 10:11