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What to stake

This really is entirely up to the person placing the bet but I would always recommend putting a staking plan in place. It may start of slow and seem pointless but if your picking or following good bets then you will soon see your balance grow. Using tipstrr it gives u an option on bets of 1-10 for staking. For me each point represents £10 but again everyone is different . So if I say 6 points on man Utd then that means I'm staking £60 on a man Utd win. Vee rarely I do this as usually go between £10_£50 as I like to keep my balance as £1000 so this is 1-5% of my balance. Again this is up to you and you can bet whatever you feel. I back every tip I place as I'm confident in my own bets . Not everyone wins as if that was case then bookies wouldn't exist but I'm confident that over time my tips will make you a steady profit . My tips are free and it's always your decision if you want to follow. Good luck if you do

Published 30th May @ 10:18