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About super6 bets

betting using 6 pre researched games per day. never any more than 6 games per day will be used. looking for a long term profit using singles doubles trebles and more. using a staking plan of 1 unit =1% of my betting bankroll. I would always recommend this however I'm not going to tell anyone how to bet. follow me on Twitter @super6bets for interaction and inplays



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what I do

basically I'm here to share my bets and win some money. my strategy is to make long term profit using 6 games per day to bet with Hence the name super6. I reasearch all 6 games to the upmost detail so as to get the best bet from them. I simply for longterm profit using a set staking system were as 1 unit represents 1% of my balance. I tend to use between 1-5% per bet. I won't make your Rich over night although following my bets will make you longterm profit. follow at own ris and please gamble responsibly my twitter is @super6bets where all my bets can also be found and I can be contacted

12th October 2016 @ 12:25