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About Szynkinho

Football tips. Probability and statistics master. I use to bet on quite popular leagues, so You will have no problem to watch it live in TV or in the internet. That is very important because:
-You can feel even better emotions while following results
-helps You being avoided by bookies' radars and getting account block or limit
-odds stay almost same after publishing tips, unlike while betting on niche markets where odds use to drop in minutes and reduce profit very much

Sports betting is always a long run. I have proven myself to be a profitable tipster for achieving almost 8% ROI from over 800 bets. Im a serious bettor for a year only, so I am sure i still can learn very much and improve my performance. Bad weeks, or even months, are sometimes coming, but what matters is to beat bookies in long term. For few months I'm betting only singles and this will continue in future because it reduces luck factor coming from high-odd accumulators, and this is also what i advise to my customers. I am using flat staking, and same I suggest for my followers- 5% of your bankroll for every bet seems accurate. For odds higher than 3 I am still using same stake, but if You want to lower the variation (and unfortunately expected value of profit), You can lower your stake. I have started to code my own algorythm of football modelling, so let us hope it will help us to find even more valuable odds- at the moment it seems to work properly, but I will still try to improve it in next months. So for now- I am doing most research manually, using both mathematical and football knowledge. If You have any questions or doubts, just send me private message on twitter. 

22.10.2016- all-time best football tipster (ROI) on tipstrr.com!

Don't hesitate to contact me!
Twitter: @Szynkinho

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Blog Posts


Seems like we are on fire again- congratulations to these that continued following me after few poor weeks. Only thing I'm uhappy with now is high-odd bets, because last time they don't give us profit- but that's normal with higher variation. Let's hope next month will be even better and we hit few shocking odds along with many "normal" ones :)

1st May 2017 @ 23:07


Since we have quite hard time it is advised to lower the stake, especially for higher odds, until we get at least 2 positive weeks in row.

26th March 2017 @ 00:13


Apologies for this weekend- some unluck + 5 lost bets that I consider as only my mistake

5th March 2017 @ 21:47


Terrible week, few unlucky bets getting ruined in extra time (including odd 6 and 7) or missing just 1 goal, but also have to admit some of them were just my mistake.

22nd January 2017 @ 21:53


Odd 6.7 ruined in 92' due to Lewandowski goal.. :p

20th January 2017 @ 21:23


Napoli draw with odd 6.27 ruined in 95'

7th January 2017 @ 23:07


I have to send my apologies to all my subscribers for this week- but it has been insanely unlucky with so many tips ruined in extra time... Anderlecht, Sporting, Monaco, Palermo and few more ruined by 1 missing goal with many chances created. Anyway You can't be unlucky whole time, so I still promise that You WILL make long-term profit with me :)

22nd December 2016 @ 22:58


Ramos damn you.. 8.5 odd ruined ;)

10th December 2016 @ 22:04


Cyprus no clean sheet ruined acca with 33 odd and max stake

13th November 2016 @ 18:48


Needed Eibar to score any goal and acca with stake 10 and odd 14.82 would be won

5th November 2016 @ 23:12


Ruch Chorzów had to score any goal and acca with 28,5 odd and stake 10 would be won.

4th November 2016 @ 21:53


Atletico goal in 94' ruined my draw bet with max stake and odd 11.01
Arsenal goal in 88' ruined my draw bet with max stake and odd 6.08

1st November 2016 @ 21:56


Inter had to score at least 1 goal vs Sampdoria and acca with 12.39 odd and 10/10 stake would be won. Hitting bar on empty goal in extra time was too painful :D

30th October 2016 @ 21:43


Real Madrid had to win with at least 2 goals, and accumulator with almost 12 odd and max stake would be won... 

23rd October 2016 @ 21:46


Penalty goal for Barcelona in 94' ruined draw bet at stake 10/10 and odd over 5

22nd October 2016 @ 21:13


Zenit ruined penalty in 94' also ruined my acumulator with stake 10/10 and odd ~~13 

22nd October 2016 @ 21:11

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Period: Sport:
  • ROI: 5.69%
  • Profit: 593.8
  • Tips: 1048
  • Win: 43%
  • Average Odds: 6.83





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