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New format

So far during the summer I've been avoiding the Euro's & Copa America as much as possible with good reasoning, mainly just see how the various teams approach tournament play and the level of quality on show. If any of you have seen any of the Copa America then you'll probably have seen the 'bigger nations' have been a bit naff in all honesty with Brazil (4 pts, 1 win & 1 very dull draw, and 1 loss) and Uruaguay (0 pts) both going home after the group stages.

The Euro's however so far have gone fairly as expected in terms of the winning team although the lack of quality finishing has been disappointing. with only 2 games going over 2.5 and 3 teams managing more than one goal. Over the opening weekend only Granit Xhaka's play making and Wales as an attacking threat have made an impression on me. Some people may have been impressed by some of England's 'pretty play', I know the pundits were but for me England lacked purpose in their attack and never really created a real chance through their own quality but only through Russian mistakes. Now after the opening weekend and seeing how the tournament has gone so far, I think the time for betting on the Euro's is here and I'll be taking a new format from today onwards.

I'll be picking out a NAP, NB & IWAC and depending on the quality of the other games around maybe even a treble too. The IWAC will probably involve goalscorers or something along those lines but we'll see how we get on! I will probably carry on with this format over to next season too. One thing I will definitely try to do is to get my selections on here more regularly because at the moment I'm very hit and miss. 

Anyway, cheers for reading & good luck with you betting.

Published 13th June @ 10:11