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About TheGreatWhiteCapper

     Tony Gulledge is the owner, the handicapper, the one man band that makes this service run.  If you ever deal with this service... HE IS THE ONE YOU DEAL WITH... no one else.

      Developed his system for creating lines and handicapping sporting events while attending college in the late 80's, and throughout the 90's continued to develop viable long term game predicting systems.  Began selling information in 1993 to fellow players in Charlotte, NC as his acumen for picking winners was growing.

     Began operating online in 1999 as King T Sports Handicapping Service and flourished with many long time clients and followers.  In 2009, changed the name to The Great White Capper as a homage to his beautiful, caring, and supportive wife Tara who has an obsessive love for the Great White Shark... and sharks of all kinds for that matter.  The monacre stuck, and he continues to work hard daily with intensity to provide quality information.

      By focusing on the technical nuts and bolts of creating accurate lines and dissecting odds, Tony leaves the hype, attention seeking blowhards who call themselves handicappers to promote and market themselves while I simply offer an alternative.  That alternative is the real deal, scientifically approached, mathematically based handicapping with decades of experience in knowing not only the sports intimately but also how that knowledge relates to gambling.

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