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657.7 Last 6 months

About The Strict Rule System

We have developed this system for horse racing that we have trialled over the last six months and it comes out as very profitable. We have now decided to release this system and you can make your own decision as to how profitable it is.

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Blog Posts

My Staking Plan Explained

It is very important to stick to a strict staking plan, if you wish to achieve the same percentage of profits that I achieve. What you need is to figure out what you set as your maximum bet. To keep the numbers round and make it easier to explain we will say your max bet is £100. Any bet that I advise to a 10 point bet, it will be your maximum stake of £100. I will only advise these stakes to the bets I am most confident about. 

The easiest way to understand this, is betting to percentages and a 10pt bet will be a 100% full maximum stake bet. Any other bets that I advise can all be bet to percentages of your maximum stake. A 3pt e/w bet will be 60% of your maximum stake, so to a £100 max stake bet that would be £30 e/w and a 2pt e/w bet would be 40% of your maximum stake which would be £20 e/w to a £100 maximum stake bet.

You have to be consistent in your staking as it is the only way to achieve the same profits. When I advise a £2pt e/w bet there is very little point in having the same size bet as if I was advising a 10pt bet. This is great if the bet comes off, but there is a reason I have only advised 2pts e/w and that is because there is not the same confidence behind the selection. That is how some people tend to give out about a tipster by saying they are after having a losing month and said tipster is in profit. That all comes down to not sticking to the same staking plan that some tipsters(such as myself)advise.

It has been explained in so many articles, but bankroll management is so important. You have to keep your bankroll separate from your day to day living expenses. One of the handiest tools to use for betting like this, is having a Skrill account or just using paypal to lodge money in to your bookie accounts. As soon as the bet wins you just withdraw your money to your Skrill/Paypal account as it helps remove the temptation to have those silly pass the time bets that most of us cannot resist. You can start off with a small enough betting bank but realistically you need to be starting off to at least £250/£500 and over time as your betting bank increases in size, you can increase your bet sizes to reflect that.


4th August 2017 @ 11:22

Results Summary

Period: Sport:
  • ROI: 41.96%
  • Profit: 657.7
  • Tips: 170
  • Win: 34%
  • Average Odds: 8.07





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