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About TheWelshWinger

Hi guys, after gambling successfully, but casually for quite a few years, I've decided to go into tipping. I am brand new to this and my aim is to add the excitement that sport brings, by making some consistent profits along the way.

I will be betting on football, no markets in particular just whatever takes my fancy. My bets will be placed via a points system, which means using level stakes, and then betting a percentage of that flat stake on my tips. Most tips will be 100% of that stakes but you may find that I add a higher odds accumulator from time to time, which I will usually advise to stake less, however most of my tips will be singles. Please use level stakes as I will be doing the same. Never bet anymore than 2.5% of your overall bankroll, and please never bet rent money!

My biggest aim is to create a strong social media presence for my followers, so please follow me on Twitter. On there I will be posting my tips too so please turn on notifications. I will also be running giveaways and free bets ETC from time to time when reaching milestones for profit and followers. My tips are free currently, however I do also have a full time job at the moment. Eventually I would like to sell my tips and do this as a job, to enable me to put as much time into delivering the best tips as possible and making you guys as much profit as possible!

So that's about it guys, as I've said I'm brand new to this so please join me in taking my first steps. As my tips are free feel free to use me alongside any other tipsters you already follow, tweet me if you have any questions, and let's make some money!

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Blog Posts

End of first month!


Well in my eyes the first month has gone well. The first 2 weeks were great, third week couldn't seem to get a decent run together, we were having 1 good day then 1 bad day so consistency is something I'm going to look at. Finished strongly in this last week though with over 50 points in the last 3 days! A lot of tips yes, but profit is the end game and 181 points profit after a month is a result I'm very happy with. My idea is to build some steady profit, even if that does mean tipping odds on favourites a lot, but they are favourites for a reason. Hopefully we can keep it up throughout this next month. My aim is for 400 points profit by the 20th November. All tips will remain free for the next month for sure, so make the most of them whilst you can! 

Cheers guys!

21st October 2016 @ 14:37

First blog post!

Firstly, I was always a centre forward, I never played on the wing. I wanted to be called the Welsh wizard but that handle was already taken on Twitter apparently.

Secondly, it's been 9 days now since I started this service and I've gained my first follower! I've not yet worked out whether you can view who your followers are and if so, how you do it, but if my single follower does read this then know I am very grateful and I hope you're the first of many! If you guys have been following all my tips, you'd be around £80 in profit to £10 stakes which as a casual gambler you can't really complain at for 9 days work. The rest of this post is going to talk about two things; Affiliates, and my style of betting.

As I'm sure a lot of you are aware, there are different types of affiliates. The ones that get paid based on the number of sign up's I have no problem with, it's the ones that profit from your losses that I can't stand. So many Twitter "tipsters" will lull you into the false sense of security that they're making so much profit and post screenshots of all their wins when in reality whenever they post a losing tip, if you've signed up to the relevant bookmaker through their link they will gain around 30% of your losses in their pocket. It makes me feel sick to think about the amount of cash I've put into certain people's pockets over the years before I realised this was happening. Now this is not to say all affiliate tipsters will post losing bets deliberately. At the end of the day gambling is gambling and there's no real way of @CharlieKingTips knowing whether there's going to be over 0.5 goals in the first half of some random Swedish 2nd Division game or not, but the point is, he'll profit regardless if you've placed money on his bets via his links. On the flipside, he has also completed several £1K challenges which is a spectacular feat for anyone, but my point is this; Would you trust anyone with your cash if at any given point they profit from your losses? 

So moving on, based on what I've said above, I want to do what I can to change that. I want to be different. I want to have several thousand followers on twitter, and have all of them know I can be trusted, and that my wins and losses are the same as theirs. With regards to my style of betting, I'm aware that I have posted a lot of bets over the last 9 days and that not everyone can afford to bet ideally, £10 per bet x10 a day. This is where bankroll management is important. Bet only what you can afford to lose. No more than 2.5% of your overall bankroll, and if that means following every one of my tips but backing with only 50p then so be it. Because in the long run I will make you money. To the point where in a year's time I may have multiplied your overall bankroll by several hundreds. That's the aim. I am going to review my service being free on a month by month basis depending on how much profit I have made in the previous month. If we have a poor month I'm willing to make my tips free again to get you back on board the following month. Don't get me wrong, as I've said in the description I want to do this full time hence the potential fees. But that's because nothing would make me happier than working full time researching tips for hundreds of people who I know trust me, and who I just want to make money for. But what comes with membership fees is giveaways for milestones, and money back for referrals etc, getting people more involved than just placing a few bets daily that's the aim! I just need a little to survive however.

So that's basically it guys, I hope this gets through to anyone who reads this. Any questions I'm happy to answer of course, tweet me, follow me and most importantly, follow my tips! Peace out and goodnight!

29th September 2016 @ 23:25

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