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The ThunderStrike team have experience across multiple careers relating to sports trading, research and risk management from a commercial perspective. In 2013 we switched the focus to delivering a product that can help members achieve considerable and sustained profit from simply placing a few bets each week. We advocate more than just providing profitable selections - our bankroll management approach allows subscribers to place bets in a structured, controlled and disciplined manner. The focus is always long term but every single selection provides value backed up by data driven research. Our team identifies discrepancies between the implied probability (from bookmaker/exchange odds) and the true odds of an outcome occurring.

As a subscriber you can expect clear, simple advice. A typical week will consist of a small number of bets where the market, bookmaker, minimum odds and stake are all clearly stated. Major leagues are covered to make bookmaker limitations less probable and for exchange users liquidity more accessible. Try us with a free trial. There are no obligations. Cancel anytime if you wish. All we ask new members is that before subscribing please; set aside a separate bankroll, decide on an amount to bet per unit and stay consistent, never chase losses and stay focused on long term attainment.

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