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Toughing it out


Last couple of days have been decent and am fighting back...

As a tipster it can be tough going especially when you are battling against your own Stat expectancy but this is what makes it all worthwhile..

In a tough game with a lot of perceived variables on offer you have to be reliant on your Strike Rate, So in a mental game format this is what you should focus on whenever things go against you...

A great quote from a friend of mine once said, "Its not the horse that's losing, It's just the odds acting the bollox", If you can apply that mentality the bad times are not so bad..

So i said i would be leaving here in my last post, but said to myself no because i was going well and obviously the platform will fix the strike rate issues, Strike Rate is important from a past, present and future analysis point and should not be underestimated from an analytical point of view...

"Goodnight America wherever you are"



Published 20th August @ 21:08