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End of Trial

Hi Guys

So tomorrow is the last day of the free trial and analysis, and going to up the ante, Its a bank holiday in the UK and there is way more racing than normal...

I have a good few selections and if i was to give analysis i'd be nearly writing a book, It's also my last day playing in August as have put in more volume than usual and need a couple of days off to refresh for the month ahead..

Without a shadow of a doubt its a good thing to not be playing every day and as i said before its good to set your stall out for expectant future rates, volume etc...

When i was inputting todays selections i forgot to hit the free tips button and i think i only gave house limit as a free Tip, He is also my strongest unit bet of the day and price is decent enough as the form is pretty good and im hopeful, but in saying that he may underform and others may win or not..

I'm going to copy and paste tomorrows selections here as i keep record of all my bets...

If they all run we are looking for 3/11 on the day, so hopefully couple of guys will be out to win...

Cart 14.20: Adarena 11.0 generally, 1pt win

Chep 14.35: Sir Billy Wright 4.5 ladb/PP, 1pt win

Epsm 14.40: Tikthebox 21.0 Bfair, 1pt win

Epsm 15.15: Olivia Fallow 7.0 Various, 1pt win

Cart 15.30: Pekanheim 6.0 betway, 1pt win

Dpat 15.35: Canny Tom 4.0 b365 1pt win

Chep 15.45: Edge 4.5 b365, 1pt win

Dpat 16.10: Rendezvous Peak 4.0 b365, 1pt win

Cart 16.40: Fantasy King 9.0 generally, 1pt win

Rosc 17.30: Cairdiuil 9.0 b365, 1pt win

Dpat 17.50: House Limit 8.0 bfair, 2pt win

Thanks for taking a look at the service and Thanks for your time

All the best





Published 28th August @ 19:30