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Our tips have developed a very straightforward betting strategy over the years. To come up with the best tips of the day, we spend hours analysing all the available form of every horse in each race every day. We have developed a multitude of different algorithms to come up with a list of repetitive patterns. We have been able to prove that money can be made from repeating patterns if someone takes the time to collect and analyse the data. Our tips have been collecting very valuable data for years and every day uses this special data to find the most valuable tips of the day. On top of this we also have a horseman go to the races every week to take notes on a list of different characteristics that some horses have. We use the notes that are either positive or negative traits of the horses according to our years of data to help us find the most valuable tips in the future races. We usually only publish a few tips a day because we believe in quality over quantity and only like publishing a bet if we feel very confident.

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