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ValuesTennisBets logoValuesTennisBets added a post

My new strategy


My new strategy is on !!!

And the surprise is.... My new strategy integrates the WTA !!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas and happy new year !!!!


ValuesTennisBets logoValuesTennisBets added a post

+46.6 units in 2021

2022 is coming with my new strategy.

Here are its characteristics compared to the previous one:

  • The average odds will decrease
  • The winning percentage will increase
  • The number of bets will also increase

This will have the effect of reducing the variance, moderate the emotions (good or bad) felt by all bettors, and finally take more detachment from bets.

Sports betting is tough, it takes a hell of a mind to get by.

The results are judged over the long term, and you can judge.

Long live tennis.


ValuesTennisBets logoValuesTennisBets added a post

Important announcement !!

My new strategy for reducing variance is coming soon. The development was long, the testing period is now over and it is a success. The launch is in the next few days ...

I hope that many of you will follow me.

See you soon !

ValuesTennisBets logoValuesTennisBets added a post

For those who took a 1 month subscription in June

The month is going to end (barring a miracle) in the negative, what are the lessons?

Here is what I think:

You have subscribed for one month, I think nothing good of that because a tipster is judged on the long term.

Renewing your subscription for 1 month is a mistake. 3 months is the most popular (is that a relevant criterion?), 1 year is the most profitable.

Will July be a good month?

I don't know and nobody knows.

I remind you that a minimum bankroll of 1,000 units is required. And all bets must be taken.

Confidence is earned over time, and it's not something easy to get or give.

In the end, this is your choice.

Good luck in all your bets.


ValuesTennisBets logoValuesTennisBets added a post

My mood of the day

My mood of the day

I'm annoyed, not because I'm starting June in the negative, it's the variance and I expect it, I have no problem with it. What annoys me are the people who take a monthly subscription...

Betting should be thought over time, it is an investment and as I repeat, 3 months is a minimum. If I could, I would refuse one month subscriptions but I don't have the control over that.

How can you judge a tipster over a month? What is your goal? If the month is a loss, what do you do?

A multi-month subscription is cheaper and the profit guarantee is much higher. You will tell me that those who subscribed for the month of May must be delighted. I would reply that those who left afterwards have not understood anything about betting, they are casino players, nothing else.

Finally, just a reminder, to hope to generate a minimum of profit (subscription deducted), your bankroll must be at least £1000

Long live tennis!


ValuesTennisBets logoValuesTennisBets added a post

End of free tips

Hi all,

My new strategy is working well !

But as you know this free period is going to end (2021/04/30).

On may the 1st you'll have to subscribe to go on with me.

Hope to see you soon.....