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Cancel Subscriptions

Have been informed by tipstrr that they are unable to freeze current subscriptions so the recommendation is to cancel recurring subscriptions and re-subscribe once the season restarts.

I'll set the my profile to free in the meantime too.

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Season End

Hi all,

I've sent a message to tipstrr asking if they can pause the current subscriptions and resume for the start of next year.

Currently just a real lack of opportunities for good value bets unfortunately. There's the end of year finals at ATP Turin to come but with that only involving 8 players there may only be limited chances there also. Hopefully tipstrr will put that in place so if I did have a few additional tips there, they would be free & make up for lack of tips this month.

All the best


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Apologies for lack of tips lately. Was away for a few days last week and it seems that most of the value opportunities arose on those days. Nothing for today but hopefully should be a busier week from tomorrow as the Paris Masters progresses.

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Kontaveit vs Sorribes-Tormo

Do like Sorribes vs power players with her having a great gamestyle for counter punching them effectively. Her defensive movement & anticipation is one of the best on tour and that means she's able to put extra balls in play which is what a power player hates as their technique can break down. Sorribes then mixes up a lot of changes of pace and good defensive slices which forces a striker to create all their own power and that often leads to errors through overpressing. In the last 12 months Tormo has won 14/19 vs taller players (bigger strikers) and has an incredible ROI of 60% vs that player type. When factoring in the conditions at Cleveland are fairly gritty and the first serve less impactful (Kontaveit only won 61% behind hers yesterday) rallies are likely to be prevalent here and I feel like Kontaveits shots will break down first.

That's what happened in their previous H2H on slow indoors courts where Sorribes routinely won 6-1, 6-4 and there's also the fact that Kontaveit played a late gruelling match with Siniakova last night where both players were looking tired towards the end.

It's a match where Kontaveit will only win if she's really dialled in with her power at a peak level and I question how likely that would be to happen in these circumstances. Assuming Tormo puts in a motivated performance I think she should be favourite here.

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Badosa vs Pliskova

Conditions really do look heavy at night time on the centre court particularly at this event and I do think that suits the player whose generally got the better technique in longer rallies.

Badosas groundies work very well on this type of heaviness with her style of brute force getting the ball through the court. Then defensively she moves well and can counter punch the striking of Pliskova.

Is a similar style to Teichmann vs Osaka played on this court last night, with Osaka usually able to hit through a player like her easily and dominate off serve and return. But Teichmann was just able to extend the rallies and force errors and it was becoming routine in the end. Hoping for exact same scenario here really, if Pliskova is unable to hit easy winners, I'd expect Badosa to start controlling rallies with her extra solidity in longer exchanges and if that's the case I'd expect her to win this.

Not the best month to date but always going to hit some rough variance at some points of the season. Only thing that matters is to just keep taking value bets and eventually things will right themselves. Was tipster of the month the previous two times but betting can be one of the most humbling experiences out there!


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Quiet Period

A bit of a lull in the tour post Wimbledon and have issues relating to motivation and player knowledge on weeks like this. Have been turning over good profits for the previous few months and want to keep that solidity so tips will be fairly sporadic for the next couple of weeks until the tour picks up with the American hard court swing at the beginning of August!

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Djokovic vs Tsitsipas

Weirdly, the overs market is one of my favourite to utilise for the latter stages of Grand Slams on the mens side particularly (both semi finals went overs). The key behind overs & unders isn't so much how good the players serve is for clay, more so "are the players evenly matched & will they fight from behind?". For this one I think both questions are answered with both players often raising their game from behind. In both their last H2H matches they've gone the distance, with Tsitsipas fighting back from 2 sets down before going down in 5 at the French Open last year.

Tsitsipas is exhibiting such a high peak level when he's on his game currently and with the afternoon conditions of the final compared to the evening for Djokovic vs Nadal yesterday, he'll be able to benefit from the extra heat which will give his forehand a bit more pop through the court. The worry for unders would be Djokovic defending to well and wearing Tsitsipas down but I think it's less likely because of that factor.

Overall I expect it to be a high quality affair and I think over time Djokovic metronome type style of play of consistency will probably mean he'll be stronger in the end. But I really wouldn't be surprised to see a 5th set here and I hope it's a classic!

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Quiet Period

Not many tips over the previous few weeks and the upcoming week with poor betting events for my style of tipping.

Will pick up again volume wise once the French Open starts a week today!

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Opelka vs Delbonis

Just seen the prices on tipstrr are out of date on the feed so i'll wait until that's sorted to post anymore!