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The inevitability of the L

The inevitability of the L

We don't give a fuck/shit about our or anybody else’s YIELD/ROI whatever. The gambler’s ROI is based on ZWA and betting bankroll. Scam cappers don’t have any concept of bankroll management. Our ZWA system is the only way to list picks—SNGL, DBL or TRPL. We’re not crazy about the term “units.” We say ZGroup's Typical Wager Amount (ZWA), exclusively.

The Noob handicapper resets his HPD. We trade on our winning years, all plays. There is nothing more pathetic than a Twitter “capper” giving a 10 star bomb, missing. Then chasing that L with a $2000 lock, whiff. Then his next play hits. It was the “lock of the century.“ And he declares a profit. L’s are a part of this thing. If you don’t understand and respect the inevitability of the L—then you’re a loser, or certain to be one soon. Understanding the nature of L’s leads to the DBL concept and principle. And until you’re operating with that reality as a pillar—it is impossible to win, your money is never yours. This type of player cannot even enjoy his wins. He has his -6.5 up 28 in the 4th quarter and he’s kicking himself because he wishes he had bet more. He doesn’t know where his next W is going to come from so he thinks that this particular win is a missed opportunity.

Because of our consistent, winning type—we know that our next W is right around the corner. We keep our focus right where it should be—on the next investing opportunity.

Published 22nd March @ 03:10