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The Winning Player

The Winning Player

There is no money in the expected outcome. Like it or not—that’s the truth. The oddsmakers know what you know. That’s their job. And they’re good at it. The whole market is designed to prevent Johnny Sportscenter from using his little Conventional Wisdom to cash tickets. Johnny Sportscenter is why there are beautiful hotels in the desert. He’s why the Vegas sportsbooks are recession proof. But there is a small minority of folks that do just fine betting sports. With the right size bankroll, ZWA and smarts—you can make a living beating the books.

The people that win have a fully developed understanding of the sports investing market specifically and gambling in general. They possess the experience & expertise that usually comes along with a firm grasp on how the market works. They have a stiff enough chin to handle the swings. And it’s their daily work-rate and consistency that helps them through the inevitable rough stretch. And discipline. Discipline in all aspects. The winning player is disciplined. The losing player is not.

The winning player is smart and they’re experienced enough with the sports specifically to have their arms fully around the subjective matchup stuff at all times, effortlessly. We talk a lot about the insignificance of the subjective matchup and team stuff—but that’s in regard to side selection and primary rationale. You have to know and understand these sports, teams and matchups—in both a present and in a historical sense. The subjective shit and Likes do not fucking matter because your LLL’s will only help you at the window if your style is right, if you have a fully developed understanding of the market & numbers, if your overall gambling expertise level is adequate—and if you’re only using your LLL’s for ZWA purposes, not side selection.

A professional poker player that knows fuck-all about football and the NFL would likely do better betting the NFL than would Mike Ditka (assuming Ditka knows dick about gambling). Just knowing where it all fits from the subjective aspect is not enough to be a winning player—not even close. Sports investing is more about numbers than sports. But we’re not saying that you can win consistently without being a sports expert for your section or sections. You do. The winning sports bettor’s sports knowledge ball is in the 95th percentile, at least.

Also, the winning player has had his teeth kicked-in betting sports, at some point, probably more than once—and he’s better because of it. When it comes to sports investing—experience is expensive, typically.

Published 22nd March @ 03:26