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No guarantees, no locks nor fixes

Nothing is guaranteed in sports investing and gambling. There are no other picks in the world that we’d take over ours—but nothing is promised. Not a side, not a day, not a month. Swings and cold spells are inevitable OPBP/volume. And if we happen to have a bad stretch to start a new membership period—we will never give back a dime from our membership fees. Never. Not a cent, ever. And if you’re looking for us to say sorry after a rough day—you’ve got the wrong guys.

Refunds and apologies imply a guarantee and offering either would make us exactly like the rest of those dipshits on Twitter and elsewhere. It’s 50+ years combined experience for ZGroup members analyzing the number. And we work full-time, banging Style Fits—so as to duck the slump. But if you happen to join for a rough stretch, SAYBL (sorry about your bad luck).

It is not our job to manage expectations. I can’t explain how little I care about the little number in somebody’s head that they think they’re entitled to. The gamblers ROI is based on bankroll and ZWA. We beat the books. And if sports investing was a casino table game—it would have the same reputation as keno & penny slots, in terms of the percentage of players that win at it. And the style yields results when it yields results. I sleep like a baby after Style Fit L’s.

Betting sports, you’ll have your +10 road dog win by double digits. Your good number -6.5 home fave will get smoked. The rest are going to be right around the number. That’s why it’s consistency in terms of side and data that are the only things that really matter (and push the right button, hopefully, here and there). The pro focuses on the data, the objective—maintains their consistency & work rate, is able to make connections between matchups in leagues both pro & college (our ZG6).

Some people have a fantasy about what it is to bet sports. They believe that it is something other than a total and absolute grind. They think at some point they’ll break through, it will become easy—miraculously their subjective insight will align perfectly with the actual game results & numbers, forever. Laugh to keep from crying.

Some people have no realistic understanding of ZWA, ROI and bankroll concepts. Noobs think that long-term success lies in finally getting to a place where it’ll be their own subjective insight that makes them winners. Expected Outcome Sides. Here’s a clue—we all “like” the same shit, everybody. It would be like playing a board game and being determined to win—but while playing by the rules you’ve made up, the rules that you want. Rules that are totally independent, and in fact are in direct opposition to the actual rules of the game. The rook wants sportsbetting to be one way—but it’s another.

There are plenty of handicappers out there that absolutely do not understand how to win, give Likes and Expected Outcome Sides and offer guarantees for something you couldn’t possibly guarantee. A lot of people would actually be more comfortable with those people. Their locks and guarantees indulge their fantasies about gambling. We’d be happy to give you a referral.

Pay for our work—or don’t. And if you pay for our work—either invest our sides, or don’t. If you’re dissatisfied ever with results—quit. NADB (not a dime back). There are no sign-up or cancellation fees. BOL (best of luck). It is true that our approach isn’t for everybody. It takes an advanced understanding of the market for our approach to make sense. OPBP/volume, everything counterintuitive, 180 degrees across from virtually everybody else, by design.

Here’s a “lock” for you. Win, lose or draw, 365—we’ll be here, sending our picks to our members on deadline. Doing exactly what we should be doing—and that’s banging our ZGroup style fits and running our membership services.

We post our picks to ZGroup Members by 4 PM Pacific US or 1 hour before kick, tip or first pitch. We post our picks on the blog & Twitter to promote our service. The ZGroup trades in picks, profit, analysis, reality & honesty. Our service is 180 degrees across from the dipshit handicappers on Twitter and elsewhere.

Fading the public is an art, not a science. Our approach is a style, not a system. Successful sportsbetting is a grind, not a get rich quick scheme. ZGroup offers members a successful, long-term sportsbetting strategy.

The price to receive our daily wagers & Blog posts/analysis is $64 per month. That’s just $2 a day! (give or take 13 cents). Too goddamn cheap, if you ask us.

Join a community of data-driven, contrarian & winning sports investors.

Published 22nd March @ 03:49