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Must love underdogs

Must love underdogs

For us, it’s all about the dogs, love the doggies, wouldn’t have it any other way. And we come by it very naturally, at this point—3rd decade for us on the dog. And we have probably 100K words over the last 3 years that explains why that’s generally where you need to position yourself within the market, and be there, day after goddamn day. But the point isn’t necessarily dogs for the sake of dogs—the point is OPBP, aligned with the house & pros. Dogs are what OPBP typically looks like.

March tourney time is different. That dynamic more or less flips (in spots, always in spots, everything is always in spots). Spend any day 1 or 2 or the tourney in any LV sportsbook and look, listen—the public is screaming for the dog. It’s 90/10. And that anecdotal bit is in the data too, of course, measurable. And oddsmakers have long since adjusted to the public’s March NCAAB tendencies. There is no squarer dog, across the entire sportsbetting spectrum—than that 12 over 5 matchup. And yeah, they hit, absolutely—but that’s not the point. The point is that those dogs do their work and grab SU W’s and ATS W’s getting about 25% less points than they should be getting, would be getting—if the game were arbitrarily a month earlier on a Tuesday. 4 of our 6 in season as we start to begin to shear that down over the coming months and transition into baseball exclusively. Banging style fits, OPBC/volume, Must Love Underdogs, 365 investing that ZG6. We’ve got our March hoops concepts and play type emphasis for this year that we’ll be looking to pair up with the upcoming betting opportunities.

Not some weeks, or sometimes—but always. 52 goddamn weeks. ZGroup established 1/1/13. 3 straight winning years, +10K benchmarks in 2, +7.5K in 1. Same as it ever was. Billy "Ritchie's Dad" born 12/17/36 in Hill Valley, California. Billy was obsessed with Lorraine. Not sure if they ever fucked. Probably they did.

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Published 24th March @ 21:30