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WSW's & RSL's. STC

WSW’s & RSL’s. STC


Right Side Loss. The daily sports bettor will lose games they should win. And they’ll win games they should lose. Lotta people want it to be one way—but it’s the other. You have to respect the inevitability and likelihood of the L. Once you’ve come to grips with these realities—you’ll abide by the maximum 2 x’s ZWA rule, absolutely. Nothing demonstrates just how tough this grind is, how smart you have to be—quite like the existence and frequency of RSL’s and WSW’s.


Wrong Side Win.


Stay The Course. Breaks, luck and swings are absolutely a part of this thing—as we all know. How the gambler handles L’s is as important as cashing winning tickets. The W’s create their own set of challenges too (“handling” W’s is easier). It’s a minefield. Stay disciplined. You’re either capable of existing within the market, or you’re not. Don’t let it be the discipline aspect that determines your fate. Whether that’s discipline as it relates to wager control, daily work-rate and prep or commitment to style. It’s our data-driven, gnarly, contrarian and consistent approach that’ll get us in a position to get evened up+ on those coin-flipper end of game spots, extra-inning L’s, goddamn missed free throws on the number, etc. The OPBP/volume style is designed to eat up L’s and hang around until we can get a run of results. The winning style is what will get us swinging back in the right direction after a tough stretch. STC. Grind.


Same As It Ever Was. Consistent in our approach, absolutely. Disciplined, gnarly, relentless in our aim to simulate handling the Noob’s action, 365. SAIEW.

"The Don", Ron and I have been booking bets and laying them since the 90’s. We handled well north of 7 figures worth of action from rooks and experienced bettors and everything in between—for the better part of 2 decades. We went public with our daily wagers Blog posts and analysis on 1/1/13. Since 1/1/13, millions of dollars have been bet worldwide on ZGroup sides. Some of our people have been with us for years now, plural.

ZGroup's Elements of Style (ZEOS) is a promotional tool and resource for members. But we hope too that it also serves as good, useful sports investing information for folks that are interested in the topic. BOL out there. Give ‘em hell.

Published 24th March @ 21:57