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Sports Bettor

As a sports bettor, the the number one thing you’re after is to make money from sports betting. You enjoy sports betting, and what makes it more enjoyable? Winning!

  • You want to make extra money on sports betting, but have no time to do the leg work
  • You want to be able to follow the best sports tipsters around
  • You want all of your tipsters in one place to make it easy to follow and manage.
  • You want emails and notifications on the site when new tips are added from the tipsters you follow
  • You want to be able to follow and unfollow tipsters easily
  • You can trust the track records on tipstrr.com. We ensure that odds, results, lines and anything else are accurate at the time of entry, and results can’t be amended or removed.
  • Tipsters on this website have come here because the want to prove that they’re trustworthy
  • You can compare multiple tipsters so you can really see who is worth following


As a tipster, gaining a following and proving yourself in the sports betting world can be incredibly difficult. At Tipstrr, we offer you the complete automated solution to take care of as much of the hassle as we possibly can. We’ll leave the tips to you, but we’ve got you covered for the rest:

  • Tipstrr give you 70% of all membership revenue
  • The easiest tip entry system available - add tips in seconds
  • Tipstrr will offer you events from 16 sports and 50+ markets from across the globe
  • Tipstrr will find you the best odds for your bets from 35 bookmakers.
  • Tipstrr will notify your followers/members when you release new tips
  • Tipstrr will calculate your results and display them for the public to see.
  • Tipstrr will rank you alongside similar tipsters, allowing you to prove yourself
  • Tipstrr will give you publicity to tens of thousands of interested sports bettors.

*Tipstrr's '90% commission for the first three months' offer has expired