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Best Verified Tipsters at Tipstrr.com in October 2016

Another month has passed, the days are getting shorter, and winter is starting to creep in. Nothing has changed at Tipstrr.com though, with yet another record month of growth, and some incredible results from some of the best verified tipsters on the internet. The competition is huge, and the standard is excellent.

With hundreds of profitable tipsters on the platform throughout October, it’s been really tough to provide the top 10 for the month. Like we did for September, we’ll be mentioning a few that didn’t make it to the top for one reason or another, but still performed incredibly well.

Special Mentions

We can see this becoming a regular occurrence in our tipster review articles. Some excellent tipsters throughout October just didn’t meet the criteria required to qualify for the Tipster of the Month award. We set the bar at 30 tips minimum to qualify (to reduce the likelihood of the winner simply being lucky), and there are two profitable tipsters worth mentioning despite not hitting this requirement.

The first is TrendBetPro, who made almost 200 units from 24 tips in October, with an incredible 58% win rate and average odds of almost 4/1 (5.00). This horse racing tipster looks like a good follow, so we’re keen to see this form continue in to November – who doesn’t want to be following a tipster with an 80% Return on Investment?!

Speaking of a high ROI, Elite Horse Review missed out having posted 25 bets in October with a profit of 150 units. With a 50% ROI in October, this selective tipster has now amassed almost 600 units profit from 100 tips. Based on the last 6 months, he’s a FREE tipster with a definite edge over the bookies.

10th to 6th

10 – Mad Tennis Moolah – 105 tips, +224 units profit, 22.6% ROI

100 tips in and Mad Tennis is looking like someone worth following. Average odds (excluding multiples) is below evens, so is confident of finding value on the favourites. The service is currently free – so follow the free tips, even if only on paper, so you can see if following them could help you increase your bankroll.

9 – Patriot Picks – 134 tips, +249 units profit, 18.9% ROI

Offering tips on US sports, tennis and football, there’s some variation in what you’ll be receiving as a member of the Patriot Picks service. Having made a good profit in September, October has resulted in the same. More than 100 units profit per month suggest this tipster will help you profit from sports betting.

8 – Outsider Soccer – 55 tips, +150 units profit, 27.2% ROI

October is their first full month on the platform, and it sees the Outsider Soccer service remain in the top ten, up two places to 8th. Strong profit once more, and a great service to add to a betting portfolio – offering tips you wouldn’t necessarily expect, but overall ROI of 26% and +225 units in 6 weeks is starting to show some consistency.

7 – Football At My Mercy – 42 tips, +113 units profit, 27.3% ROI

Flat stakes make this service easy to follow (always a good point), and the profit has been good for a while. Joining in August, the service has a 14% ROI from almost 100 tips. Focussing on HT/FT and the 1x2 market, you shouldn’t have too many problems with liquidity if you’re using big stakes

6 – Tennis Genie – 39 tips, +28.7 units profit, 29.9% ROI

Profit looks low in comparison to many others on the leader board for October, but with small average stakes of just 2.5/10, the 30% ROI is a great indicator of things to come from this service. You can expect reasoning with many of the tips, focussing on the price and why there is value. This analysis although short, is indicative of a tipster who will make a profit, and one that understands what it takes to be a profitable sports bettor.

All of the above services did enough to warrant a top 5 spot, but unfortunately there were 5 tipsters that had other ideas. The top 5 have performed excellently in October, and we fully expect their performances to continue in to November and beyond – mainly because these guys have been profitable tipsters for a while.

One to Jump5th- One to Jump – 50 tips, +31 units profit, 32.2% ROI

Last month’s top tipster performs incredibly well again to keep a spot in the top 5 – which is not an easy feat at all. After making +68 units last month (75% ROI), this month sees consistency in the service, with 50 tips (compared to 46 last month), and a still impressive 32% ROI. His service is proving very popular already, and it’s no surprise with two month showing such incredibly consistency. We wouldn’t bet against seeing this tipster in the top 5 again in November, would you?

4th – DavidBet NBA – 68 tips, +224 units profit, 35% ROI

We’re going to presume you were already aware the NBA season is up and running, and this service has made an exceptional start to the 16-17 season. A 66% win rate overall, and with average odds above evens, it’s not hard to see how the service has made such a profit. Good levels of activity, and as the season progresses you can expect a few bets every night (some from the same games) to keep you occupied. Certainly looks like it could be a service well worth following.

3rd – Asian Cappers Ultd. – 42 tips, +205 units profit, 48.8% ROI

More than 400 units profit in total, Asian Cappers are football tipsters who have been verified on Tipstrr since July. With a lifetime ROI of over 13%, the long term consistency is there. October has been great, and their selective nature means you’re not going to be overwhelmed with too much activity. You’re looking at 2-5 tips per day as a maximum, depending on what matches are being played. They’re on the lowest payment tier too, meaning you can join for the equivalent of less than £12/month

2nd – Bookie’s Enemy #1 – 134 tips, +523 profit, 49.6% ROI

Regular top performer Bookie’s Enemy #1 has made a good profit in October, mostly thanks to an exceptional set of results on the opening day of the month, with a 152/1 win double, and a 30/1 place treble. His large member base know what to expect, with high value horses, don’t expect to see him backing favourites. Overall profit stands at almost 3,500 units, which goes to show just how lucrative this service has been since March. With 38.6% ROI since March, this is certainly no flash in the pan and is arguably the most tried and tested service on the platform to date.


Tipster of the Month

Tennis Tips UK VIP Club

38 tips, 76.3 units profit, 83.9% ROI


Tipster of the Month this month goes to the VIP service provided by Tennis Tips UK. They’ve provided a 52.3% ROI from their 50+ verified tips to date, having joined the site in the second half of September. Having won 54% of bets with average odds well above evens, this service looks like the real deal. The staking plan is varied, so be sure to keep an eye on that, with the service utilising the 1-10 staking options of the tipster platform. Not afraid to go against the grain and back the underdog, these guys have backed winning underdogs at odds of 3.80, 2.57, 2.88, 3.31 and more – the biggest winner being their bet against Djokovic against Bautista-Agut at odds of 6.50.


There will be another article this week that will cover a few other VERY profitable tipsters that didn't make the top ten despite recording almost 5,000 units of profit between them, check in soon to find out more, as they could be exactly the kind of tipsters you're looking for!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016