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Becoming a tipster is easy here at Tipstrr.com. It’s an option available to everyone, whether you want to simply track and share your bets, keep a private track record, or sell your bets to your followers.

If you want to sell your tips, you earn an industry leading 70% commission. We cover all payment processing fees too. Why would you go anywhere else?.

How To Get Started

After you’ve registered and validate a Tipstrr account, you’ll see a “Be A Tipster” button on the homepage. Clicking this will take you to a “Create a Portfolio” page. Here you simply fill in the form:

  1. Choose a Portfolio Name (we’ll tell you if it’s available, and show you the URL format)
  2. Choose a membership tier that suits the portfolio you’re creating
  3. Add your twitter name (@twittername)
  4. Add a description about the service you’ll be offering, talk about the sports or leagues you’ll cover, your experience, and anything else that your followers or potential followers would be interested to know.
  5. Read and accept Tipstrr’s Terms and Conditions

Once you’ve done the above and clicked “submit”, your portfolio is created and ready to use. On your portfolio page you can add a logo/image for your portfolio. The you’re ready to add your first tip: