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300 followers - thank you!

Hello everyone,

I’ve just reached 300 followers and I thought this would be the right time to say thank you to all of you! This profile is going to continue its growth in 2019 and I strongly encourage you to join me, because I will work hard to keep this service reliable, profitable and affordable.

Let me now pinpoint some of the most interesting statistics that should make my profile interesting for you:

My picks usually come with a significant time reserve so that you will always have enough time to place your bets. 94% of picks came 6 hours before the event or more. Furthermore, absolute majority of my picks are placed using one of 4-5 major bookmakers as I’m not automatically choosing the highest odds to boost my stats, but rather use bookmakers that are reliable and widely available to my followers.

Overall ROI of 5,4% over 1450 picks is not bad at all for a long run result, but it doesn’t tell you the whole story, as my methods have changed before the 2018/2019 main soccer season, which resulted in ROI of 12.2% over the last almost 500 picks. I’ve turned profit for 4 months in the row and I aim to prolong that streak.

Join me, try my 10-day FREE trial and then choose from the variety of payment plans so that you can start making profits with my picks.