2021 Best Tipsters in Other Sports - top three

Having already introduced you to a selection of 2021's most successful tipsters outside of horse racing and football, it's now time to shine the spotlight on the top three.

Remember, that these services need to have demonstrated more than just an odd month or two of intermittent success to produce such results, but rather have had to sustain upwardly trending growth over the course of a full 12-month period.

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Please note: If you have previously enjoyed a trial with a tipster, then you are no longer eligible for any trial period offered by the same service.

3rd Hoops Bet - 1303 tips, 11.6% ROI

Profit: £3,012.51 to £20 average stake

It's been an impressive first year on the Tipstrr site for the NBA specialist, Hoops Bet, whose expertise in the hardcourt game Stateside enjoyed four appearances in our monthly best tipster rankings and has been rewarded with a deserved overall podium position. A couple of monthly dips in profits during the quieter close season can be forgiven in light of the fact that they were bookended by solid profitable returns when it mattered most, during the meaty part of the NBA campaigns. A bustling service that provides predominantly Over/Under, Match Winner and Asian Handicap tips earned him positive annual yields in all of them to produce that annual 11.6% ROI, thanks to an overall 53% win rate at average odds just above the even money line. 

2nd Richard Kevin - 1066 tips, 12.5% ROI

Profit: £2,655.45 to £20 average stake

Consistency has been the key ingredient of the basketball service of Richard Kevin, who has also enjoyed a stellar first full year on the Tipstrr platform. His tips cover basketball leagues from all over the world, providing anything between 15 and 30 selections per week, depending on those leagues' differing seasons and on whether the available games offer justifiable value. Richard Kevin employs a bold betting strategy that places a lot of faith in his knowledge of the game and his eye for outsider value, not an easy feat in the unforgiving Match Winner market. That faith might have wavered after an inauspicious start to the year, but that was soon forgotten as he ended the year with seven straight profitable months, which earned him six appearances among our monthly best tipsters, and over £2.2K in clear profit since the end of May. The good news is that the first half of January has so far continued that rich vein of success, suggesting that 2022 might well prove just as lucrative for this popular basketball tipster.

1st WadsterTips - 514 tips, 13.8% ROI 

Profit: £1,423.03 to £20 average stake

It should come as little surprise to anyone familiar with the site that the accolade of Best Tipster in Other Sports for 2021 goes to the WadsterTips, a tennis tipster who first graced the Tipstrr platform as long ago as October 2017. Following an 18-month sabbatical, his return in September 2020 was as seamless as it was welcome, and his climb back to the upper echelons of our tennis services was as impressive as it was inevitable. Not even a couple of drawdown months could put much of a dent in a profit line that trended inexorably upwards throughout 2021, earning him top five positions in five of our seven monthly Best Tipster coundowns since May, including top spot in June (45% ROI), July (52%) and September (77%). Not afraid to venture well above the even money line, Wadster's selective tip volume of around ten per week extracted top value from various tennis betting markets, earning high yields in Match Winner, Asian Handicap and Over/Under bets. That success combined for an overall 41% win rate at average odds exceeding 5/2 to yield over £1,400 to £20 stakes from a very manageable output. Wadster Tips is currently on a break during the winter lull in ATP and WTA action, but with the Australian Open about to kickstart the new season, it might be the perfect time to consider this proven tipster ahead of another potentially lucrative year. 

With those kinds of results maintained over the course of an entire year, we're confident that Tipstrr provides services to suit all sporting interests and betting preferences.

Well done again to Wadster Tips who fully deserved his Best Tipster accolade, and we hope to see him and others providing similar success in 2022.