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2019 very best horse racing tipster


This is it. It is time to reveal the best horse racing tipster of 2019. They didn't quite manage a full 12 months, but the 10 months of work they produced was magical. Their ROI over the course of a year was as good as anyone else and their profit was absolutely huge. More than just profits, though, this is a great service

Horse Racing Tipster of the Year

1st Place – WannaWin BM


At-a-Glance Summary

  • £7,132.13 profit to level £20 stakes
  • An annual ROI of around 22%
  • 16% win rate at average odds of around 8/1



WannaWin BM may not have completed a full 12 months with Tipstrr in 2019, but the 10 months we did get saw his produce as good a long-term ROI as anyone else and certainly a bigger profit. The missing months just make the achievement more impressive. WannaWin BM was recently recognised for his consistent performances by being graduated to Tipstrr Pro, an arm of Tipstrr where you'll find the very best services that we currently have to offer. More than just profits are required to be a top service and WannaWin BM has been quite clear about the way in which users should work. From bankroll to staking, to consistent tip times and tip warnings, WannaWin BM has made his service like clockwork which makes it all the more easier to profit from.



In 2019, we saw a Tipstrr record. For the first time ever, a tipster went one full year without losing. Nothing but winning months. WannaWin BM only joined the platform in March 2019 but has thus far managed a similar feat. All 10 months on record in 2019 produced a winning month. And we aren't talking about fine margins, either. You could have gotten the advised odds, bet at SP, bet a different bookmaker or took shorter prices. The profit was so emphatic that you would have made huge gains no matter how you bet. Totals of £492, £928, £1,454, £747, £360, £559, £1,193, £250, £520 and £616 were made month on month. It means 2019 produced an ROI of 22% from 1,599 betting tips. Whilst the other tipsters in the top three produced a similar ROI, it was WannaWin's ability to maintain this level of performance across so many tips that delivered such a much bigger profit and thus gives him the edge.



WannaWin BM hopes to find value in the market to stay ahead of the bookmakers in the long run. Whilst we all know that finding value is key, doing it this consistently is not as easy. Long waits for a winner amongst losing runs are not a thing with WannaWin BM. The service starts by advising you to have a 100 unit betting banks, just in case. A single unit should be staked on every single tip. Unlike a lot of services, tips are shared on the morning of the race. You have BOG available to you, more settled prices on the exchange and it's a time of the day the bookmakers are more willing to play ball. Tips begin coming out around 10:30am and are sent race by race. All tips have usually been sent out by 10:45am at the latest and WannaWin BM will let you know when the final tip has been sent. The method allows for you to focus on getting the advice price for each tip and you won't be sat around wasting time wondering if there is more to come.

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