March's Best New Tipsters

As we welcome more and more services to the Tipstrr site, the end of another month allows us to highlight the Best New Tipsters for March, all of whom have made a more than encouraging start during their first few months on the platform. These tipsters cover a whole array of betting models from various sports, meaning there should be something to suit most betting preferences.

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Please note: Tipstrr users who have previously enjoyed a trial with a tipster are no longer eligible for any trial period offered by the same service.

10th Daily Trixies - 98 tips, 9.4% ROI ?

Profit: £185.20 to £20 average stakes

All experienced bettors know how difficult exotic bets can be to land once, never mind regularly, so followers of Daily Trixies should appreciate how he has managed to convert two or three daily bets into a lucrative 45% profit during his first five months on Tipstrr. March might have brought just a 12% success rate from his 98 selections, but that was all it needed to convert into a tidy monthly profit, thanks in no small part to landing all three 100/30 legs of one trixie bet. 

9th Zeta-Bet - 56 tips, 10.0% ROI ?

Profit: £122.49 to £20 average stakes

In ninth place, Zeta-Bet is a football tipster who has been a model of consistency since launching on the site in December. A varied diet of straight Asian Handicap bets and combination accumulators has been rewarded with four straight months of profit, culminating in March's 10% gain, a yield that he has maintained through his first four months of service. 

8th Premier Select - 87 tips, 12.2% ROI ?

Profit: £212.23 to £20 average stakes

Back to horse racing now, with Premier Select occupying eighth position after cementing his position within the Tipstrr community with his fifth straight month of upwardly trending growth. His 26% strike rate means that 22 of his 87 selections passed the post first, enough to convert his average advised odds of 7/2 into a more-than-useful 12.2% yield.

7th The Armchair Pundit - 39 tips, 15.1% ROI ?

Profit: £117.90 to £20 average stakes

It took The Armchair Pundit a while to find his rhythm as a regular tipster, but since his tip volume has increased, so too have his profits. Never venturing too far from the top end of the betting market, his average advised odds of just over 3/1 are admirably supported by a 31% strike rate - more than enough to turn that stream of fancied winners into an upward tick in the profits column.  

6th Iks - 184 tips, 20.7% ROI ?

Profit: £761.20 to £20 average stakes

Ask anyone who used to do the 'Pools' in times gone by, and they will tell you how difficult is to pick draws in football betting. By definition, backing a draw places your bet on a knife edge, which doesn't suit all betting tastes, but if you enjoy that combination of simplicity and volatility, then the 20% yield achieved by Iks in March suggests he knows his way around this niche market.

5th Zeus Turf - 547 tips, 24.9% ROI ?

Profit: £2749.90 to £20 average stakes

If you like your betting routine kept on the boil, then the prolific output of Zeus Turf might suit you nicely, and if you have the betting discipline to keep your betting funds under control then his results are there to be seen. His tip volume might be too much for some betting appetites, but the bare fact remains that four straight profitable months culminated in March's 25% yield, a decent ROI no matter what your stakes are.

4th SJ - 87 tips, 25.1% ROI ?

Profit: £253.60 to £20 average stakes

If your betting pace is more sedate, then SJ might fit the bill more readily. Seventeen winners and twelve eachway places from his very manageable 87 selections in March combined for an overall 30% strike rate and a tidy 25% ROI. And news just in, he kicked off April in similar style, landing a tasty 16/ winner on the first day of the new month. Grab it while it's hot!

3rd J Betting - 34 tips, 26.1% ROI

Profit: £177.20 to £20 average stake

Our first podium position sees a return to football, with J Betting boasting years of experience in elite European football betting, and then demonstrating it by producing the goods from all areas of the football markets. Just nine or ten tips a week suggest a discerning eye for value that has been backed up by a 52% win rate at average odds of around 7/4 - more than sufficient to produce an impressive 26% yield in March.

2nd Trackside Tips - 344 tips, 29.5% ROI

Profit: £1830.19 to £20 average stake

Averaging around ten selections per day, Trackside Tips is another horse racing tipster who might not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you tread cautiously with your bankroll and control your staking plan accordingly, then his 29% yield in March suggests that there is definitely a profit waiting to be made. A mixture of race-winner and eachway selections keeps betting varied, while TT's ability to pick out value from the lower reaches of the market means that it only took a 13% win rate to convert those stakes into a cool 29% profit.

1st Sport Of Kings - 132 tips, 34.1% ROI

Profit: £900.20 to £20 average stake

Sport Of Kings has been knocking on the door of our Best New Tipster rankings since he launched his horse racing service back in November. An uncharacteristic setback in February delayed his inclusion, but March has seen him return to the form that first caught the Tipstrr community's eye in December (55% ROI) and January (75% ROI). March could not quite match those hefty monthly yields, but nonetheless a 34% gain has been enough to elevate him to the top of this list. A betting model that picks out race winner tips at eachway prices inevitably affects win rate, but when ten of those winners romp in at prices between 11/1 and 25/1, then it's easy to see how those profits soon mounted up.

  • Not featured in our listing but worthy of an honorary mention is TR Gold, who landed three back-to-back winners at 14/1, 11/1 and 10/1 and combined them into a phenomenal 1540/1 treble, which produced an impressive if somewhat imbalanced monthly ROI of 779%.  

Of course, that only reinforces our mantra that early promise does not guarantee long-term success, but we certainly hope that Sport Of Kings and the rest of our fledgling services can build on their promising starts as they progress through the rest of 2021.